10 Best Gyms & Fitness Studios in London 2020

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The London health and wellness scene has exploded in recent years. From state of the art equipment, functional strength and conditioning training, to immersive spin studios and stylish yoga spaces – gyms in London have certainly come a long way in a short space of time. Read on for the top 10 best gyms and fitness studios in London for 2020 for you can break a sweat in.

1.BLOK: The best gym for variety of classes

Located in Clapton and Shoreditch, BLOK is a stylish studio space that prioritises a range of workouts designed to ‘inspire movement’. With 32 different types of classes from cardiokiller, calisthenics (strength training) to barre or boxing – boredom will not be a problem.

Best Gyms & Fitness Studios in London
BLOK London

2. F45: The best for functional fitness

The ‘F’ in F45 literally stands for functional in functional training. This is the gym for high-intensity 45 minutes of floor work and a fitness class like no other. The F45 8-week challenge is a great way to kick-start a new fitness routine and get back to the basics of a solid nutrition plan, movement that strengthens and unifies different muscle groups and help you build out lean muscle.

Best Gyms & Fitness Studios in London

3. Boom Cycle: The best for immersive indoor cycling

Founded by ex-model and party girl Hilary Rowland, Boom Cycle is a spin studio that aims to put a party on a bike like no other. True to their ‘Bikes-Beats-Boom’ ethos, low-lights and high energy define each class and deliver an endorphin high with each ride.

Best Gyms & Fitness Studios in London
Boom Cycle

4. Frame: The best fitness studio for fun

Ever wanted to book a class by mood? Whether you’re ‘Killing It’, feeling ‘Icky’ or simply stressed – Frame is the studio that is guaranteed to leave you smiling and full of positive energy. With sites in Shoreditch, Kings Cross & Fitzrovia, there’s no excuse to not sign up to that 80’s Aerobics class or embrace the joy of indoor trampolining.

Best Gyms & Fitness Studios in London
Move Your Frame

5. 1Rebel: The best for boxing

Rumble is the signature class of 1Rebel and involves 45 minutes of high intensity cardio blended with martial arts. Expect 45 minutes of explosive energy between you and your boxing bag. Be ready to learn the foundations of boxing from your stance and form, to killer punching combos, interspersed with strength and conditioning body weight drills to really up the ante.

1rebel best gym in london

6. Digme: Best for an intense HIIT class

The Digme total body Matrix and Combat HiiT workouts promise to fire up your metabolism and get your endorphins pumping. With locations across London, Digme also provide Yoga, a running club and spin studio but if you want a quick and intense workout that leaves you sweating, we recommend their HiiT sessions.

digme best gym in london

7. BarreCore: The best for feeling the burn

Founded by Nicki Rein, BarreCore has become a much-loved fitness brand. Part ballet, part pilates – the BarreCore signature low-impact training method is guaranteed to leave your muscles shaking. With a range of classes to offer varying degrees of intensity for deep muscle burn and increased strength, expect an increasingly sculpted physique with each session.

barrecore best gym in london

8. The Foundry: The best for coach-based training

If you want the experience of training like an athlete and targeting personal goals then The Foundry is for you. This gym does not offer generic classes but rather unique coach-led group training or semi-private personal training experiences with 1 elite coach alongside a maximum of 3 other people. Expect DOMS and tonnes of motivation from the elite team.

foundry fit gym london

9. triYoga: The best studio for a quiet mind

There is no shortage of yoga studios in London but Triyoga provides the ultimate experience that focuses on the three key areas of yoga (Asanas, Pranayama and Concentration). Much more than just yoga classes, this health club incorporates pilates and treatments for a completely blissful experience.

triyoga best gym in london

10. Third Space: The best gym for luxury

Third Space is the London gym for you if you want state of the art equipment and 5* surroundings. This boutique gym hosts a range of classes and has a huge variety of equipment. With exclusive spaces across London, you won’t be disappointed by the quality of instructors and attention to detail.

third space best gym in london

Thanks for reading our roundup of the 10 best gyms in London. Read more about the best luxury gyms in London or the best low-cost gyms in London.

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