10 coronavirus memes to put a smile on your face

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With no understanding of when the outbreak will end and when life will get back to normal, who can blame us for feeling a bit blue? Thankfully many of us have maintained a sense of humour. Here are 10 coronavirus memes guaranteed to put a smile on your face…

1. Feeding the nation

The ministry of defence has been called in to help feed the nation…

2. A party for one

Me, myself and I….


3. Just to be extra safe

Navigating the metro like a pro…

4. Now that’s what I call Coronavirus

The biggest quarantine hits…

5. Will you be my quarantine?

What more could you possibly need?



6. When Ant Middleton somewhat misjudged the mood

Ugh this was awkward…


7. Too much time on your hands?

I don’t need friends, all I need in life is a sock puppet…

8. Really, way too much time on your hands

When your concert gets cancelled…

9. Wine is your new best friend

A true jedi master…

10. Not all sports are cancelled

Talk about multi-tasking…

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