10 tips to increase your positivity

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Brits aren’t the best when it comes to showing emotion. We might think it’s easier to wallow in gloom and self pity but being positive is easier than we think. Here are some tips…

1. Think about those moments in the day when you feel better or contented. It could be the first great coffee of the day, a hug from the kids or the cat purring on your lap.

2. Next, seek out those things and allow yourself to build unashamed anticipation for them. Remind yourself verbally what you like – e.g. “I love sitting reading the Sunday papers” – and cherish those moments.

3. Avoid focusing on negatives and stop moaning, being cynical and dwelling on bad news. There will always be things you don’t like doing, but why allow them to dominate your thoughts, mood or conversation? It will only diminish your happiness.

4. Release your inner child. Kids seek out happiness – it’s their natural stage – they have goals and dwell on enjoyments.

5. Build treats into your day. Do something nice in your lunch break, phone someone you haven’t spoken to for ages or dance around the kitchen for fun. Find ways to let your day exceed your expectations and see them as treats.

6. Plot bigger and longer-term goals in your life. Make sure they’re things you want to achieve, not something you think you ought to achieve to please other people.

7. Remind yourself of your achievements so far. Write down what you’ve learnt, overcome, worked hard on or made other people happy with.

8. Fill a box with items that make you happy, such as a small gift from someone you love, a special card you’ve received or holiday photos.

9. Keep both sides of your brain boosted. If your job involves logical, detailed work, make sure you have a hobby that involves creativity – like baking, crafts or gardening. Immersing yourself in a creative skill can be one of the best ways of boosting your feelings of happiness and contentment.

10. Keep a journal such as The Happiness Planner. Writing your life down helps remind you to have happy moments each day so you can log them. It also helps put any problems into context.

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