10 trainers to follow on Instagram for quick workouts

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You’ve got yourself up at a hideous hour and even prepped your tupperware. But the gym can be a sad, lonely place… especially on a cold, dark February morning. What you need is a training partner. Whether you like them lean and mean or bright and bubbly, they’re only a swipe away…

Alice Liveing – @aliceliveing
“I’ve had lots of requests for a core workout, so here it is! Try adding this onto your next training session to challenge your core strength!”

Zanna Van Dijk – @zannavandijk
“2 Minute Core Challenge. Only got two minutes to train your abs? I’ve got you covered. I love plank variations”

Heloise Nangle – @heloisenangle
“Try adding a resistance band when practicing dragon flag air walks as it forces me to really engage my glutes whilst doing the exercise.”

Rene Fourie – @renefouriept
“Windmill as some call it, is one of those awesome movements we all need to play around with, using either a weight in the hand, I’ve got a stable 12kg KB or use a shoe on the fist.”

Shona Vertue – @shona_vertue
“Did you know that you can lift weight, increase your heart rate and improve your mobility at the same time? These two exercises are difficult but once mastered can work your glutes, inner thighs and hamstrings while also helping to stretch them out (particularly if you hold the positions at the end range).”

Kaisa Keranen – @kaisafit
“Today’s Workout = track inspired warm-up, treadmill conditioning + a little core work to cap it off!”

Ryan J Flaherty – @ryanjflaherty
“Here are 3 variations of the CKC (foot in contact with the ground) Pelvis over Femur exercise. Research suggests that it’s ideal to fire glute med in a closed chain position and to teach the acetabulum to rotate around the fixed femur.”

Faisal Abdalla – @faisalpmafitness
“TRAIN TUESDAY. Try these three moves with a TRX to tone and strengthen those abs. 20 seconds on each move is one round then rest for a minute. Complete 3-5 rounds for a finisher at the end of your next workout. Save this post and let me know how you get on guys.”

Elise Young – @elisesbodyshop
“CORE x LEGS x TRX. Working both your legs + core with these killer plank finishers! Tag a friend to try them with you, these definitely burn. 4 exercises. 20 sec per exercise. 3-4 rounds of all four.”

Hazel Wallace – @thefoodmedic
“I’ve got my own little dynamic warm up sequence which varies very minimally from day to day depending on what area of my body I feel needs more attention, or which area I want to prime pre-workout.”

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