#2 'Handling Hormones' with Amy Thomson

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Our second podcast ‘Handling Hormones’ with Amy Thomson is now live!

At DOSE we are obsessed with finding our equilibrium by keeping our happy hormones in check – so we’ve been eagerly anticipating the launch of a new app designed to do just that.

MoodyMonth aims to help women better understand their hormones, cycles and moods. The app allows you to log your mood, physical symptoms (such as bloating, cramps, or tiredness), and external pressures such as worries about work or friends and get monthly reports of your logs and memos helping you see patterns and changes.

Think of it like “mood forecasting”: it will sync up with your calendar and pull in details such as the weather, as well as your hormonal cycle, in order to present a visual report that could offer clues to why you’re feeling down, to make you feel better.

MoodyMonth is the brainchild of marketing genius Amy Thomson, who suffered adrenal fatigue after building a multi-million pound global marketing agency in her twenties, working with global brands such as Nike, Microsoft and RBS.


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