2021 fitness trends from eye yoga to HIIT without the hurt

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2021 fitness trends

Last year was a tumultuous time for the fitness industry and no one could’ve predicted we’d all be exercising from home. From eye yoga to HIIT without the hurt, here are the 2021 fitness trends to look out for in the coming months…

2021 fitness trends

HIIT without the hurt

While HIIT isn’t going anywhere, there’s a new workout exploding onto the scene that’s kinder on the body. High-Intensity Low Impact Training (HILIT) involves the same intense bouts of exercise with short periods of rest. However, there is one crucial difference – no jumping.

“The low-impact nature of HILIT reduces the chance of injury, ensuring less stress on the joints and muscles. This method is perfect for beginners or those working through soreness or pain,” says Dr. Kianoush Missaghi, senior training experience manager at Freeletics. “As a plus, the exercises are quiet and won’t disturb the downstairs neighbours, further making it the perfect at-home workout.”

Eye yoga

There is more to yoga than meets the eye, according to this hotly-tipped trend. Eye yoga uses tiny movements to stretch, move and gently massage the eyes and surrounding muscles, which helps to release tension. It’s hugely beneficial for tired computer users, quick and easy to do, says Chatty Dobson, owner of FLEX Chelsea. “Our eyes are always on the go, though we never stretch out the muscles that do all the work as we would our quads after squats or our hamstrings after a run. It’s great to do after a long day spent looking at a screen.”

Fitness trends 2021
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Group heart rate training

Wearable technology is evolving fast and you can expect to see it being incorporated into group fitness classes. The concept has already proved popular at Sweat by BXR, which has launched a Performance HR Versaclimbing class. It uses heart rate monitors to push clients to climb within specific heart rate zones and improve cardiovascular performance. Try it, when gyms reopen, at the Canary Wharf studio.

Online fitness

The online fitness industry will become even bigger in 2021 as virtual workout classes are here to stay. “The long-term benefits of working out from home have been greatly realised and embraced worldwide,” says David Wiener, training specialist at Freeletics. “One of the biggest areas of growth in 2020, which is set to continue into 2021, is the use of fitness apps like Freeletics.” The newcomer to watch? GRNDHOUSE, a strength-based online training platform founded by former Barry’s Bootcamp instructors.

Fitness trends 2021
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Remote coaching

If you’re thinking about hiring a personal trainer this year, consider doing it from the comfort of your home. On-off lockdowns have forced trainers to coach clients online and this will continue even after the pandemic is over. “The realisation that online training can be as effective as in-person training, depending on goals and equipment, means that trainers can now travel with their clients (albeit virtually) anywhere in the world,” says Callum Jackson, director of FitSpace. Check out Remote Coach by Personal Trainer Ben Camara, that allows PT’s to train clients anywhere in the world.

KX luxury Gym

The holistic hybrid workout

Fusion fitness classes have been around for years (yogalates anyone?) but experts are predicting a new kind of blended workout for 2021. KX, a private members gym in Chelsea, is launching a first-of-its-kind wellness programme that combines cardio exercise with red light therapy. Sessions will take place in the new Red Fit Lab and are designed to improve cardiovascular health and fitness, target fat burning and upregulate the body’s antioxidant system.

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