3 things my mum taught me that made me stronger, according to an Olympian

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Mums are magic. And in honour of that, and Mother’s Day, we’ve asked Sarah Lindsay, Olympic speed skater and Founder of ROAR Fitness, the three things her mum taught her that made her stronger. Whether it helped her career or personal development and relationships, it’s advice we could all learn from…


I believe this to be my strongest character trait and it has helped me get through some real adversity. In my sport it was always okay to fall or to come first, but she taught me to always get back on my feet and try again.


My mum taught me to be loyal to everyone around me, particularly my family, friends and my team, both when I was competing and my current team at ROAR. I truly believe that being loyal is key in any kind of personal or professional environment and you will always be rewarded for it.

Photo: Sarah Lindsay


She has given me belief that I can do whatever it is I set my mind to. I didn’t come from a privileged background and she taught me to never expect anything to fall into your lap but get up and work hard and never ever give up.

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