4 badass fit women on Instagram right now

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Beyond the suspiciously un-sweaty selfies and bafflingly complex yoga poses (that took 19 attempts to get right), Gymstagram can be an inspiring place – so long as you follow the right accounts, like these multi-talented fitness inspirations…

They talk to us about what ‘being fit’ means to them, goals they have set themselves this year and their ultimate guilty pleasure…

bangs and a bun
Photo: bangsandabun

@bangsandabun. Muireann Carey-Campbell. Writer. Speaker. Head Instructor at @BOOMCycle.

What does ‘being fit’ mean to you?

Being an all round focused, committed, empowered, badass individual of sound mind and body.

What goals have you set this year?

To get stronger. After a back injury a couple of months ago, it just highlighted my weaknesses and areas I need to focus on.

I’m now working with a PT who is helping me zone in on my core and overall strength to ensure that I’m fit and functional for the very active life I lead. I just want to be in the best condition I can be in so I can do what I do for as long as possible.

Ultimate indulgence?

Metcalfe’s Sweet & Salty popcorn. It’s a legit problem for me.

kim may co
Photo: @kimmayco

@kimmayco. Kim Ngo. Personal Trainer. Co-founder of Food & Lycra.

What does ‘being fit’ mean to you?

Being able to move fast, lift heavy stuff, twist and turn, react quickly and be as flexible as I was when I was 14. Well we can wish! It’s not just physical – being fit to me also means having a fit mind.

What goals have you set this year?

Finding a job that I really enjoy was a huge goal of mine, it’s one of I’ve been chasing for years. I finally met this goal last year. This year my goal is to work out how to make this feeling of being happy doing what I do last me until I’m a pensioner. I’m not sure if teaching fitness classes in my zimmer frame will go down well in the future.

Ultimate indulgence?

I am a dessert fiend… Give me one instead of a starter any day! Does it count that I don’t actually feel guilty about it?

sonja moses
Photo: @sonjamoses

@sonjamoses. Sonja Moses. Nike Global Master Trainer. Barrys Bootcamp LDN Trainer. Beats By Dre Ambassador. Muay Thai.

What does ‘being fit’ mean to you?

Being fit means that I am strong mentally and physically and can focus clearly to crush any challenge.

What goals have you set this year?

I want to  relax and enjoy life more. I have been hustling for a long time now without taking breaks to appreciate what I have achieved. Now I only do the good stuff that resonates with my soul and don’t say yes to everything so I have more time for myself.

Ultimate indulgence?

Cadbury’s medley chocolate…

carly wilkins project hot bitch
Photo: @projecthotbitch

@projecthotbitch. Carly Wilkinson. Fitness Instructor. Blogger. Body Positive Feminist.

What does ‘being fit’ mean to you?

Moving in a way that make you smile and your heart sing, as much as it makes you sweat. For me that’s spinning and aerobics. It’s different for everyone, so don’t rest until you’ve found yours!

What goals have you set this year?

To qualify as a fitness instructor and launch my own classes. I’m proud to say I have already smashed that one… might put my feet up and drink G&Ts for the rest of the year!

Ultimate indulgence?

Brian Cox space documentaries.

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