4 Best At Home Candle Making Kits

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4 Best At Home Candle Making Kits

Nothing brings warmth and ambiance to a room quite like a candle. Now that we’re spending more time at home, many of us are trying to minimise the time spent in front of the TV – mainly because we’ve run out of things to watch on Netflix. DOSE writer Demi rounds up the 4 Best At Home Candle Making Kits to help you to unleash your inner creative…

4 Best At Home Candle Making Kits

1. Hearth & Harbor DIY Candle Making Kit for Adults

This set includes everything you need to be a pro candle maker. It’s rather on the expensive side but includes more than most kits, ensuring that you have absolutely everything you need. For 4 candles, this kit includes:

4 glue dots

16 dye blocks

4 fragrances

4-8 oz. soy wax bags

a melting pot and thermometer

4 warning labels

2 round candle tins

2 square candle tins with covers

4 cotton wicks

3 finger protectors

4 stirring sticks

4 bow tie clips

A black pot holder.

4 pieces of kraft card with 18-inch-long string

This set comes with simple to follow instructions that will help any bigger create candles like a pro.

Price: £70.30

at home candle making kits

2. Starter Candle Making Kit and Film from The London Refinery

This kit is all you need to make a natural soy wax candle at home, with a 25 hour burn time and essential oil fragrances, it’s one of my favourites. This set is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to become an at home candle maker or someone who needs some late Christmas gifts.

This kit includes:

Instruction leaflet and password for the candle making video

Essential oil candle fragrance

Natural soy wax

Amber glassware

Eco cotton wick, wick glue sticker

Main candle label

Wick peg


A wax thermometer

All delivered in a recyclable box, with plastic-free packaging (always a plus).

Price: £25:00

candle making kit

3. Northumbrian Candleworks at home kit

Available in several scents including Mimosa and Mandarin, this Candle Making Kit includes everything you need to make your own scented soy candles with supplies you already have at home.

This kit includes;

Printed labels

Instruction sheet

2 candle tins

210g bag of soy wax

15ml fragrance bottle

2 wicks

Price: £15.99 

At home candle making kit

4. The Luxury Candle Suppliers

If you’ve become a bit of a pro and want somewhere to buy all the essentials separately, the Luxury Candle Supplier is the place for you. From wicks to glassware and wax, they’ve got all the stylish bits you need to really impress your friends with your candle making skills.

Prices vary

We hope you enjoyed this article on the 4 Best At Home Candle Making Kits. For more creative inspiration read 5 Ways To Develop Your Creative Practice.

By Demi

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Born and bred in London and an avid vegan, Demi has explored most of the hidden vegan spots in London and is on a mission to try them all. Her experience working for wellness and vegan startups has enhanced her passion for health trends and vegan food. Her time is mostly spent in vintage stores, painting or cleaning her growing sneaker collection. Her next goal is to earn her scuba diving license and hopefully explore oceans all around the world.

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