5 drinks a fitness guru would order at the bar

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Want to know what a top fitness guru would order at the bar? From Mojito’s to Bourbon Sours, Espresso Martinis to Vegan Pina Coladas, here’s some inspiration for the party season… (just be sure to book a workout with them the morning after!)

Maciela Servant – Kobox (@maciela_pt)

“A low-calorie Mojito for my Latin flavour of course. Request half the syrup – or ditch it altogether (think of that waistline!) Mint, lime, and soda water are all naturally low-cal, a shot of rum is about 100 calories, and 2 tbsp. of sugar (half the normal serving) in the syrup is about 40 calories. The ice hydrates you, so you’re less hungover.”

Photo: BOOM Cycle
Hilary Rowland – Boom Cycle (@hdawgboom)

“Right now my favourite cocktail is a Bourbon Sour. I have always loved bourbon and as a Kentuckian, I was almost raised on it. I love that a Bourbon Sour is more sour than sweet and it’s a cocktail I can drink (semi) slowly and really enjoy. It’s best with a Kirsch cherry as a garnish rather than a maraschino cherry. Order it at a place called Nine Lives in SE1 near the Boom Cycle head office. It’s dark and a bit sophisticated. A place for cocktail enthusiasts!”

Photo: @t.silva_fitness
Tiago – 1Rebel (t.silva_fitness)

“I love Mojitos. Nothing is more appealing than a mix of cool mint and booze on a sweltering day, or even on a cold night in London, as long as it is served in a bar environment. The bracing Caribbean beverage requires too much work for some situations with its muddling, muddling and more muddling. But I find it’s worth taking the risk of ordering one even when it’s busy behind the bar.”

Photo: @harryjamesonpt
Harry Jameson – Personal Trainer (@harryjamesonpt)

“I’ll order an Espresso Martini because I’m always tired after a hard days training, and training clients. Early starts and twice daily workouts can leave you needing a pick-me-up if you’re out for after work drinks too. Although I usually only have one, as too much caffeine means I can’t sleep!”

Photo: @kayacansfield
Kaya Cansfield – Psycle (@kayacansfield)

‘It’s all about the balance for me and sometimes that means settling down with a nice drink to wind down after a long day and I do love a good Mojito. I’d go all out with the ingredients. There is no point in having a sugarless one because it won’t taste of anything. Another favourite treat is a Vegan Pina Colada but I would try to replace refined sugar with agave instead.”

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