5 Inspiring Fit Mums To Help You Kickstart The Week

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Anya Lahiri and Mercedes Sieff

This Mother’s Day (Sunday 14th March 2021), we are paying homage to 5 inspiring fit mums burning up our Instagram feeds with their  infectious energy to help you kickstart the week…

Fit mums that inspire us every day


Anya Lahiri Barry's Fit Mum

Master Trainer at Barry’s, Anya Lahiri has been keeping us motivated throughout lockdown with her morning 8.20 class. She’s also a mum to Finn with another baby on the way. Crusoe her beloved collie counts as her third, let’s be honest. We love her relentless energy and family-centric posts, where she speaks honestly about the challenges of balancing working with being a mum.

“Don’t get me wrong, trying to work and parent at the same time has loads of challenges, it’s virtually impossible ahead of 8.20 to test run a class without a small person clambering on my head. I’m normally charging around with a banana in one hand, finalising a playlist with the other and running through my programming while having a plastic dinosaur thrust in my face. But it’s all worth it when I hear ‘Well done Mummy, I love you more than anything”.

We recorded a podcast with Anya Lahiri earlier in lockdown. Listen here.


Ashley Verma Define Fit Mum

Celebrity trainer and founder of barre fitness studio, Define London, Ashely Verma is a fire cracker and self proclaimed “Mom, Wife and Workaholic”. The former Broadway performer has been keeping us honed and toned in lockdown with barre workouts from The Define Virtual Studio. Since becoming a mum to Adiya, Ashley has started a new YouTube channel called @BizziMumzi packed full of how to’s and quick workouts for mums and kids.

We love her girl-power enthusiasm and can always rely on her for an inspirational quote to keep our spirits up. “Be Bold, Be Brave and learn from every mistake. Take on the word No and always ask Why? Knowledge is Power”.


Charlie Launder Bumps & Burpees Fit Mum

Founder of Bumps & Burpees, Charlie Launder is the go-to pregnancy PT helping to keep mums staying strong and fit throughout pregnancy. She’s even written a book on it. Mama to Alfie, Charlie has spoken openly about her struggles with miscarriage in the past, helping countless others to speak out and realise that they are not alone. On her website, she writes about falling pregnant after four miscarriages in an attempt to give hope to others.

“If you are reading this and are struggling with fertility or miscarriage, please please don’t give up hope. Yes it is incredibly common for it to take a long time to fall pregnant, or to miscarry but if you feel like something else is going on do your own research and take control of your body because sometimes there is a reason behind it and it may be that you need a little help like I did. Or maybe patience is all you need! You will have your baby, one way or another you will have your turn, don’t lose hope!!”


Mercedes Sieff Yeotown

Yoga Teacher at Triyoga and co-founder of Yeotown – the award-winning wellness retreat in North Devon, Mercedes Sieff can bend her body into shapes that we can only dream of. And it looks like her girls are following in her footsteps – if this yoga homeschooling video is anything to go by.

Mercedes is a master yogi and Positive Psychology Coach who has been keeping us inspired with her Online Sunday Masterclasses and posts like this titled ‘This Mother’s Prayer’.

“Sometimes, actually a lot of the time, I look at my two girls and pray my little beauties are too young to be permanently affected by what seems like a “new norm”. I pray they will know the feeling and normality of giving hugs to friends, the ritual of saying hello with a kiss on each cheek, offering a handshake to a stranger. I pray they will know the feeling of a sweaty, busy yoga class, mat to mat, heavy breathing in unison with others. I pray they will not grow up to believe that productivity means spending their days learning via a screen or sitting for hours at a time living life via Zoom rooms.

I pray when they grow up they will know birthday parties of more than six people, a sweaty loud dance floor, a busy pub. I pray they will know the feeling of getting dressed up all lovely to go meet friends and not have to remember to bring a mask because they won’t need one. Most of all, I pray for them that one day when they are older they know all the freedoms, the way of life, the simple human interactions I took for granted. This I pray for my babies.”


Caroline Bragg

Master Trainer at Mum Hood and Head PT at And Breathe Wellbeing, Caroline became a mum to Fox during lockdown. After having him in October, she was back to teaching in December, facilitated by her mum who looked after him so she could get back to bossing classes.

Caroline has spoken candidly about her mental health during pregnancy, commenting on how she “often felt judged for wanting a c section” and supported the petition #butnotmaternity in opposition to the tighter lockdown restrictions that stopped partners being present at births. “It’s not fair on the mother or the partner and the fall out on this mentally will be huge”. As Master Trainer at MumHood – the go-to classes for pre & post-natal exercise, she really knows her stuff. Join her for some Bodyweight HIIT to kick start your week.

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