5 quick tips to make this Christmas the best yet

The trees and decorations are up, the lights are on and wine is mulling… but let’s be honest something is bound to go wrong. And that’s OK. Ready to make your 2018 Christmas the best yet? Start by managing your expectations…

Christmas isn’t all Instagram filters and perfect presents. Whether it’s family difficulties, money problems, or feeling lonely, it can be a difficult time. Whether you’re looking to support those around you or searching for a Christmas gift that means something, make sure you have a real Christmas

Don’t believe the hype – give back instead

Realise now that everyone you know on Instagram and on every other form of social media will have a highly curated Christmas experience. This means that your Insta will be full of amazing pictures – which can, if you’re not careful, make you feel that everyone is having a better time than you are. So when you’re feeling FOMO or “less-than,” put your phone down and go help others that really need some festive cheer – or just a willing ear to listen. Samaritans, Crisis Text Line and the NSPCC are always looking for volunteers – and your voice or texts could make a huge difference to someone, making you feel better in return and giving your holidays a real spirit of joy.

Plan ahead for gifts that impress

Make a list of everyone you need to get gifts for – and put some thought into what you want to give to each person now. According to industry reports, more than 30% of Christmas gifts are ordered after the cutoff for shipping, so this year, get a head start. Alternatively, suggest to your closest friends that they join an online gift list scheme such as Amazon’s wish list – so you’re getting something they really want. Need something special? Find something personalised that they can keep forever. Not on the High Street has a great selection of meaningful presents for everyone you need to shop for.

Get moving and keep moving

Start your workout routine now – and commit to keep it going through New Years. Granted, nothing is harder after a night on the tiles than dragging yourself out of bed and putting on your workout gear, but there’s no question that the only workouts you regret are the ones you don’t do – so find the way around the issue that works for you. “Put your motivation/reason to get up and get out on your home screen so you see it when you try to snooze the alarm, and book in to your sessions in advance – no show fees can be a great deterrent,” says PT Katie Gray. And if all else fails? Sleep in your workout clothes.

Find your inner peace

The combination of parties, alcohol, indulgent food, late nights and early mornings can lead to frazzled nerves and stress. Add in family tensions and work, and you’ve got a recipe for potential burnout. The UK mental health charity mind.co.uk offers a convenient list of ways to reduce stress and find some time for yourself during the Christmas hols. Some of the best advice includes earning how to say no, and insisting on time for yourself – practices that can help you feel better all year long, not just at Christmas.

Get your wardrobe on point

Now is the time to go through all of your party dresses and outfits from last year and see if any have holes, mystery wine stains, or other issues that will cause a last minute crisis when dressing for an event. Get them to the dry cleaners, and if they need mending, arrange to get that done now. Need new looks, but a bit short on dosh? Just host a pre-Christmas swap session, or join a sponsored one. Finally, consider reworking old favourites for a more sustainable take on Christmas dressing with personal flair. Need more inspo on restyling options? Check out Converted Closet for some great ideas and videos.

By Stacey

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