5 reasons women should lift weights

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Disclaimer: lifting weights will not make you big and bulky. In fact, it can help you burn fat and fast. We ask Kate Maxey, Strength and Conditioning Master Trainer at Third Space, to talk us through the benefits and tell us why we should be getting our pump on…

“We all know about strongman training and historically women have previously been intimidated by this type of training because of the belief that it will make them bulky. Fortunately, these mis-judged and out-dated preconceptions, are changing. As a result we are seeing a rise in women lifting weights and partaking in lifting competitions, and therefore an increased demand for strength training among women,” says Kate.

“At Third Space, we have seen a +12% increase year on year participation in our strength and conditioning group exercise programmes, which has subsequently led to the launch of the Yard and Yard Strong – a strong-man inspired, strength class like no other and over 50% of our Yard Strong participants are in fact female.

Photo: Kate Maxey/@maxeyfitness

“The rise of women in sport and now in the gym is second to none compared to 10 years ago. In turn, results are expected for time and effort with clients wanting to see their results in the weight that they are lifting. We live in a world where we can measure everything: wearable tech, such as MyZone at Third Space, is becoming more and more popular and I believe this lends to the development of weight training.”

Here are five reasons to add strength training to your workout…

Weight lifting builds lean muscle

Lifting weights can be one of the most effective ways to reduce body fat and increase muscle mass, creating a lean, athletic figure, not the bulky image that has been created. Through a combination of a good diet and adding resistance training to your workout, you can maximise your fat loss while minimising muscle loss, which help you gain an athletic, lean body.

You can track your progress

Results are expected for time and effort spent in the gym. Via strength training you are able to physically see the benefits of lifting, not only through your bodies but more so from the number of kilograms lifted.

For your functional fitness

Simply functional training replicates movements that are used in everyday life, squats improve the ability to get out of a chair etc. Strength training is exactly that, functional fitness. Picking up heavy awkward objects and moving them from A to B, don’t tell me a farmers carry is not what you do when you load up as many shopping bags as you can to empty the car in one trip!

It’s low impact

When lifting weights there is little to no impact, which when practiced correctly makes it safe for all ages. By adding strength training to your work out, you are strengthening muscles, bones and connective tissue which will in turn, improve your balance and coordination and also minimise the later risk of osteoporosis, and other health issues.

It will make you feel powerful

The feeling of being physically tough, from experience is empowering for many. The endorphins released doing this type of exercise is a good way to relieve stress. The more you train and the heavier the weights you train with, the more confident you will feel.

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