5 studios for low-impact workouts


Are you looking to build strength, flexibility and reduce the risk of injury? Here are 5 studios known for their low-impact workouts…


POPfit is a full body conditioning class that steals the best of pilates, yoga, dance and plyometric fitness and sets it to loud, fast, upbeat pop music. Designed by dancers and crafted for every body and every level of fitness for a full on, effective strength and cardio workout.


Bodyism Pilates helps strengthen your core and support your posture while lengthening and toning your muscles to help you resist or recover from injury. It makes all your movement more eefficient so it’s the perfect compliment to other forms of exercise or just for making long hours at your desk more comfortable.


All DEFINE classes are aimed at improving posture and muscle definition supporting weight loss, increasing flexibility and reducing stress. You’ll experience stretching and strengthening systems to help you achieve a strong, lean, sculpted body.


Barrecore’s classes are set to upbeat tunes and incorporate high reps of barre moves to craft a long, lean and strong physique. Each class begins with a vigorous warm-up using small hand weights and ends with a full stretch and relaxing Savasan. Instructors are there to guide you throughout. If you’re new to the method, try Signature Lite. A class that focusses on technique, to help you get to grips with the moves before stepping up to your next challenge.


Combining strength and conditioning with the beneficial mind body principles of Pilates, HeartCore bridges the gap between athletic conditioning and healthy core-centred movement, creating a complete balance in full body postural strength, alignment, tone and mobility.

Hettie Holmes

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