5 tips for staying active on holiday

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Ianthe Mellors

Staying active and healthy on holiday needn’t be a chore. We ask Ianthe Mellors – a professional dancer based in London, to give us her top 5 tips. From prepping playlists and packing equipment to planning that workout window…

1. Playlists

Music is one of the best motivators, and as a dancer it is a big factor in my life. It can get me in the zone before an audition or performance and get me pumped to work out. Make a killer playlist to incentivise your fitness regime.

If you struggle to think of songs, find a pre-mixed workout playlist on Spotify. Or ask instructors at the classes you love. Or if that is too daunting, find and stalk them on Spotify!

Use the duration of a song to time a set of exercises (plank variations for example) or a number of tracks for a workout. This is an easy way to help you set a goal that will keep you from quitting after a couple of crunches.

2. Take equipment

Whenever I travel I always bring a pair of gliders and a resistance band with me. They are light, easy to pack and can be used in a variety of ways to help you sweat or feel the burn.

Make sure you research your accommodation and find out what facilities are available. Also do your research on nearby activities and find out where you can swim, hike or explore.

I often find great food places and bars that are an easy bus or taxi ride away but are also a lengthy but realistic walk.

3. Know your workout window

Talk to your travel buddy/ buddies so that your holiday doesn’t end up revolving around your workout routine. Regardless of how your Instagram looks, no one wants the person that makes their friends/girlfriend/boyfriend miss out on an hour of adventure or sun so they can tone up their butt.

If you know the window when you can work out, it is more likely to happen and that way you can go through your day without feeling any guilt.

It may mean waking up a little earlier or taking the last and quickest shower of your life before going out at night, in order to squeeze in a quick 30-minute session, but it’ll be worth it.

4. Mix it up

In the same way that you need to mix up your regular workout schedule at home you need to do the same on holiday so you feel the results and stop yourself from getting bored.

Don’t just do the same HIIT session that you saw on Instagram. Use your body weight or a resistance band for a strength and toning session too. If you wake up and can’t face loud music and are regretting the drinks from the night before, put on your trainers and go exploring.

The most important thing to remember, and it may sound obvious, is that you are on holiday. Listen to your body. If you need a rest day – take it. It is OK to give yourself a break. It’s even beneficial too.

5. Make good choices

What you eat and drink does factor into your fitness. Whilst you’re on holiday, you want to relax and over-indulge and you should. But do it in a sensible way.

Indulge in that sugary frozen margarita, sure, then switch to the non-frozen kind. Eat as much fresh food as possible and if it’s not something that you do already explore what the locals eat.

You do not have to starve or punish yourself and only eat bland food. Ever. Find a way to eat exciting things and be adventurous without caking it in sugar or batter!

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