5 Trainers Known for their Music


No matter how fancy the studio, equipment or showers, if a trainer doesn’t play the music that you like, it’s game over.

When we listen to our favourite songs our brains release pleasure inducing neurotransmitters like Dopamine (the ‘D’ in DOSE if you didn’t already know). Without it, we leave without that buzzy feeling that got us hooked on exercise in the first place.

Tip: look at your instructors playlist before you choose a class. To help you on your way, here’s 5 instructors in London known for their music…

If you like Hip Hop…

Who: Melissa Weldon

Where: Ministry does Fitness & Psycle

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If you like R&B…

Who: Bangs

Where: BOOMCycle

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If you like Disco…

Who: Daniel

Where: 1Rebel

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If you like Garage…

Who: Sonja

Where: Barry’s Bootcamp

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If you like Pop…

Who: Jono

Where: Frame

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