5 unspoken rules of the gym that trainers want you to know

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They are probably too polite to tell you to your face, but not polite enough that they won’t discuss amongst themselves. Here are the 5 unspoken rules of the gym that trainers want you to know…

1. Don’t be late

Going straight in with the most important rule there is. Don’t be late. The trainer has been up late the night before planning the session for you, up early in the morning to set up the gym. They’ve created the atmosphere, high fived you all on the way in, started the warm up, started the class, everyone knows what they are doing and then…. The Latecomer arrives. It is easily the most frustrating thing there is for a trainer. If you don’t want to be in the trainers bad books, don’t be late.

2. Listen to the demos

We get it, it’s boring, you are raring to go and you have to stand around watching technique drills. However it is there for your safety and is far more important than you realise. An extra benefit to paying full attention to your demos is, the better your form, the more you will get out of that particular exercise. Better to do a few reps well, than many badly.

3. Speak up about injuries 

We genuinely want and need to know. Do not be embarrassed to stick your hand up and wave the trainer over however insignificant you think it may be. We would much rather that, than half way through the class someone then announcing they cant do something because of an injury.

4. Put your equipment away

You wouldn’t leave dumbells and medicine balls lying around your house for other people to trip up over. The same rules apply in the gym. Trainers are there to train you. Cleaners are there to ‘clean’ the gym. You are in charge of tidying up your equipment.

5. Quiet please during the cool downs

For some people that 5 minutes is the most sacred, important part of their day. A time for peace, reflection and calm. After the madness of a class it is also beneficial to try and lower your cortisol levels so enjoy that well deserved relaxation.

Source: A selection of London’s top trainers

Writer: Undisclosed

Image: Stocksy

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