5 ways to increase your sex drive naturally

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If you’re longing for more lust in your relationship, you’re not alone. Even though most of us aren’t too far from our beds these days, sex can still be the last thing on our minds so how do we increase our sex drive naturally?

Stress is a killer when it comes to the bedroom. Health expert Dr Julia Moltke explains, “Stress affecting your sex life is a very common problem. Stress involves the release of different hormones, but especially the chronic stress hormone known as cortisol, which is directly involved in lowering your libido and your sexual drive. In fact, cortisol can completely rob a woman of her sex drive and can make it difficult for men to get an erection.”

“What often accompanies stress is ruminations, worry, obsessive thoughts and self-critical statements, which can consume a person’s thoughts, diminishing sexual desire. If you can’t rest and relax the mind, your brain turns into a broken record of thought processes and destructive thoughts, making it very hard to get into the mood for sex and intimacy, neither are you present in the present moment,” adds Dr Moltke.


increase your sex drive naturally


CBD works on our endocannabinoid and serotonin system, collections of cell receptors related to mood and feeling good, which helps our overall sense of wellbeing. Thus, incorporating a CBD supplement can be greatly beneficial for your sex life. Try CBD Drink Drops or Gummies to promote restoration and balance. The Drug.Store has a great selection.

increase your sex drive naturally


The new We-Vibe Chorus™ is a couple vibrator that is worn by the woman during sex and stimulates both partners at the same time. One half of the vibrator is inserted, creating vaginal stimulation, and the other half is secure, outside the body, providing clitoral stimulation. The product is so small that the woman can wear it during sex with a partner, who also benefits from the vibrations.


Often we rely on alcohol to destress us and lower inhibitions, but since alcohol is a depressant and can do more harm than good to your libido and performance, swap it for a non-alcoholic alternative such as Amplify. Enjoy the bold orange citrus notes with Fever – Tree Mediterranean tonic water and garnish with an orange slice. You can also browse some delicious non-alcoholic cocktails here.

increase your sex drive naturally


Set the mood, light some candles, order a delicious takeaway from one of London’s finest eateries like Hoppers. Home-style Sri Lankan cooking with a menu of sumptuous and headily aromatic dishes. Be sure to try the indulgent Bonemarrow Varuval, slow-roasted in a coconut and tomato curry, served with a homemade roti.


According to a study in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, yoga can improve sexual desire, arousal, orgasm, and overall sexual satisfaction. How? By increasing circulation to the pelvic region, activating and engaging the body’s core, sharpening our focus, and increasing oxygen levels in the body. Tune into some online yoga via Movement for Modern Life.

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