5 ways to satisfy your wanderlust without travelling


Travel plans are currently on hold and it’s unknown when we’ll be able to roam the globe again, so here’s how to indulge your wanderlust without leaving the sofa…

Explore virtually

The world’s most famous landmarks may be closed at the moment but you can still see them in all their glory by taking a virtual tour. View Cambodia’s Angkor Wat temple from every angle, transport yourself to New York where you can descend the Guggenheim Museum’s iconic spiral staircase, or take an interactive stroll through The Palace of Versailles in France.

Binge-watch travel shows and movies

For those who need some escapist entertainment, thankfully Netflix has a whole library of it. Join Julia Roberts as she embarks on a solo tour around Europe and Asia in Eat, Pray, Love, you’ll have a hankering for Tokyo after watching Lost in Translation, while Lion is a tear-jerker with beautiful shots of India. Jack Whitehall’s show Travels with my Father, which charts the pair’s journey into foreign lands, is also worth a watch.

Make a scrapbook of old holiday photos

A rainy afternoon in quarantine provides a great opportunity to get creative and fill up a scrapbook with your favourite holiday snaps. If you’re feeling sad about the coronavirus travel restrictions, this is the perfect way to lift your spirits by reliving lots of happy memories.

Start planning your next trip

Dig out your ultimate bucket list of destinations and begin thinking about where your next adventure could take you. Start bookmarking Airbnb houses and follow globetrotting influencers such as @doyoutravel, @alongdustyroads and @helloemilie for some dreamy inspiration.

Cook an international recipe

Learn to cook an authentic recipe from around the world because there’s no better way to understand a country’s culture than through its food. BBC Good Food and Jamie Oliver’s website is a good place to visit for recipe ideas from Mexican tacos to Spanish paella.

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