7 ways to become the person who exercises at 6am

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You know that person. I know that person. S/he smugly walks into work having been to the gym, had a healthy breakfast and answered all their emails, all before you’ve had a cup of coffee. It may be irritating but they’re on to something. When it comes to a workout, as Nike says – just do it.

It’s easy to talk yourself out of it by the end of the day, and it can eat into your social life, too. Getting it over and done with before the day begins not only gives you a great energy boost, it wakes you up and leaves you feeling more productive.

It can be hard motivating yourself, though, so we’ve asked head of training at Sweat It London, Melissa Weldon, how to get yourself to workout at 6am. Here goes.

Organisation is key

“The prospect of doing anything first thing in the morning before rushing out the door is less than appealing, especially if it’s to head to the gym. To make your early morning start easier, pack your bag the night before; then all you need to do is get up and get out! This not only means you can have a bit more of a sleep in the morning, but it will also ensure you do not forget anything.”

Train with friends

“It’s easy to hit the snooze button when it’s only yourself that you’re letting down, but if you’ve arranged to go with a friend, that’s a no no! Working out with a friend will also encourage some healthy competition and help to make the whole experience more enjoyable as you’ll also have the opportunity to catch up with your friend.”

Be realistic

“If you’re not much of a gym-goer, especially at 6am, don’t expect to suddenly become one. You need to ease yourself in slowly; start with 7am sessions and then once you’ve mastered that, go for 6am! There’s no easier way to steer away from your goals than setting them too high.”

Make Sure You’re Getting Enough Sleep

“Working out early in the morning will ensure you’re ready to fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow, but you do also need to make a conscious effort to ensure you’re getting good quality sleep. For example, going to bed at a decent time and cutting caffeine in the afternoon will guarantee that you’ll rest easy at night.”

Don’t Make Sleeping In So Easy

“Move your alarm away from your bed so you physically have to get up to make the decision to hit snooze…and then don’t do it!”

Know Your Goals

“Figure out why it’s important to you to make that early session. If your life is super busy at the moment and you know you won’t have time to train at other points in the day, don’t lose sight of that reason. There’s no better feeling than productivity.”

Find Something That Will Make You Want To Get Out Of Bed

“A lot of people won’t get out of bed for just anything and find it easier knowing that they are losing precious sleep for something valuable. Find something which makes that 6am start worth it, such as a class you love that gives you lots of variety.”

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