A beginner's guide to London's sex parties

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With lots of fun, inclusive and welcoming sex-positive events hitting the city in the past few years, the London sex scene is wide open and yours for the taking. But if you have a hankering for a spanking and don’t know where to start, here’s our guide to the picking the right party for you.

In case you hadn’t noticed, sex parties have gone mainstream. Elevated from sordid secret dungeons to celebrations of sexuality complete with cocktails, glossy social media accounts and sexy London venues – the idea of what constitutes a ‘sex party’ is changing.

London sex parties

Emma Sayle, Founder and SEO of women’s pleasure focused sex party Killing Kittens, told DOSE: ‘I created the concept when I realised there was nowhere for women to go to feel in control and empowered to explore their sexuality without being judged.

‘While sex was spoken about socially and Sex and the City was bringing this to the forefront of the media, there was still a real imbalance – nowhere for women to go to explore their sexuality and feel in control within a safe environment. I felt passionately that something had to change.

‘I couldn’t have foreseen just how current the business model would be in 2018, as an established brand in the sex and sextech sector, it’s so interesting right now. What we’ve seen coming out of the #MeToo movement is the real need for an attitude shift, one that is so positive for women. Behaviours are changing to accommodate female thinking like never before in business and my goal is to provide the world’s biggest female empowerment brand both on and offline that brings the sexual liberation of women to the mainstream.’

Scroll down as we explore four of London’s sex parties…

Killing Kittens

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Photo: Killing Kittens

For those who want a side of glam, Killing Kittens support the ‘pursuit of female pleasure’ whatever your sexual orientation. It’s for women who know what they want and like to be in the driving seat. Expect a welcoming environment, a diverse mix of people – and there is no expectation to get naked. ‘Guest do whatever they’re comfortable with,’ said founder Emma. ‘They’ll walk into a friendly but sexually charged atmosphere with a masked drinks reception and then the party just flows from there.’ It openly invites couples and single women.

Torture Garden

If you’re new to the fetish scene and want to dip a toe (or any body part) in, Torture Garden is a good place to start. Participating, dictating or watching are all equally welcomed. Parties are part club night, featuring dance floors, musical acts, performance art, fashion shows, and an S&M ‘dungeon’. If you love dressing up, this one’s a winner.

Skirt Club

London sex parties
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For bi-curious women seeking sexual exploration, Skirt Club hosts parties to help women fulfill desires and explore boundaries in a private environment. Basking in glamour, free-flowing champagne and exclusive burlesque performances, Skirt Club hosts parties in swanky London venues and private homes. It claims to ‘embolden women at a time when sexual fluidity is embraced’. They also hold ‘mini skirt’ taster evenings with games and performances – a chance to mingle and test the waters before plunging into a play party.

Liquid Love

With a focus on sensuality and play rather than sex, Liquid Love allows guests to experience skin-to-skin contact while covered in warm olive oil, which the organisers say allow you ‘to float in a sea together with other oily bodies’. Clothing is optional. There’s also Lady Liquid Love which is exclusively for women, including female bodied or identified people, cis and trans women.

By Lucy

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