A coming out of lockdown meme is what you need right now

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Social media has become a hotspot for hilarious memes since Boris Johnson’s proposed plan for easing lockdown measures. Guest contributor Helena explains why a coming out of lockdown meme is what you need right now…

The four step plan aimed to ease the nation out of lockdown has given the country an end destination to the bumpy and often stressful coronacoaster ride. By the 21st of June, we hope to be turning locktail hour into cocktail hour and swapping the quarantinis for dirty martinins as we get down on the dance floor – a real one, not a solo dance party

Despite BoJo’s warnings that these plans are subject to review, we couldn’t help but share some of our favourite end of lockdown memes, to give yourself a giggle and get your dopamine flowing as we anticipate the light in the end of the tunnel…

Best end of lockdown memes

1. Girls on the go

What will you do first on June 21st?  The list of possibilities is endless, whether it’s trendy brunch spots, cool clubs, or funky bars, DOSE has you covered.

2. Beauty is pain

Too glam to give a damn.

3. When you can’t remember the last time you wore jeans…

It will be an emotional goodbye to our elasticated waistbands.

End of lockdown meme

4. Swapping our slippers for stilettos

Walking in heels is indeed an Olympic sport. Get training girls!

5. Struggling to remember the last time I blow dried my hair…

Thank goodness for the reopening of hairdressers on April 12th. Goodbye split ends, hello luscious locks!

6. When you haven’t been out in so long you have the social skills of a hermit

Remind me how you flirt again?

Funny end of lockdown meme

7. Murder on the dance floor…

You’d better not kill the groove.

8. Eating is cheating

I’ll have a corona minus the virus.

9. We know your tactics BoJo 😉

Sneaky suspicion that Boris is planning a night out on the lash with Matt Hancock.

Lockdown meme to put a smile on your face

10. Set your alarms and be ready

Be there or be square.

End of lockdown plans

Got any more funny coming out of lockdown memes? Share them with us on Instagram @DOSE

By guest contributor Helena Holdsworth

Main image: Bridget Jones’ Diary

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Born and bred in Yorkshire, English Literature student Helena divides her time between the dance floors of her university town of Exeter and her Northern home. And also a fitness and wellness author at WYD. She likes her steak as rare as a Sunday morning gym session and woe betide anyone who tries talking to her before she’s had an oat milk cortado upon waking.

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