A Restaurant Dedicated to Avocado: Review of Avobar, Covent Garden

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Having cemented its place on hipster brunch menus for several years now, the avocado looks set to retain its popularity on the culinary scene – so much so that a restaurant dedicated to the green fruit has recently opened in Covent Garden. DOSE sent writer Rosie to test out the recently-opened Avobar.

Three years ago I remember going for my first proper London brunch. It all felt very novel and very exciting: it was a whole new meal concept for me, accustomed as I was to a distinct breakfast and lunch, and with a hybrid menu that managed to straddle the two.

It was then that I was first introduced to smashed avo on toast (sourdough of course) and never looked back. Only I could never quite understand why this mighty meal was only ever showcased at brunch – for me, eggs and avocado was the perfect meal for any time of day, both simple and nutritious.

Photo: Avobar

So the news that a restaurant serving avocado-focused meals all day long was opening was met with great excitement on my part – which only increased when I scrolled through its Instagram feed. I suppose millennialism has well and truly taken hold of me.

Is it such a bad thing though? While my parents would never have thought that their daughter would spend her Friday nights drinking kombucha and eating avo bun burgers, they were taking drugs and going to raves at my age. At least my habits are healthier.

Photo: Avobar

My friend and I shared the restaurant’s signature ‘avo bun burger’ with a lentil patty and a ‘green shakshuka’ that was a big bowl of gooey pesto, spinach and avocado goodness with plenty of sourdough for dunking.

For the traditionalists, there’s a whole menu of avo toast options that range from the simple ‘smash’ to the more adventurous ‘beetroot hummus’ and can be supplemented with sides of salmon, eggs and bacon. And of course your sourdough can be substituted for paleo bread or made gluten-free with sweet potato ‘toast’.

Desserts are a particular highlight, with a light and zingy yet super creamy avocado ‘cheesecake’ offering a vegan option, alongside a rich chocolate-avocado brownie and avocado soft-serve – all presented in a highly Instagrammable format.

Photo: Avobar

The restaurant’s location in Covent Garden makes it perfect for a healthy yet hearty pre-theatre meal in an area where dining options can feel restricted to the usual chain suspects.

We headed off feeling satisfied and energised, rather than sluggish after a carb-heavy bowl of pasta. And I didn’t nod off during the show as I usually do, so our superfood supper must have done the trick – or perhaps it was the post-dinner matcha-avocado latte that perked me up. Either way, I’ll be back soon to sample the rest of the menu – and update my Instagram feed, of course.

Avobar is open daily 8am-8pm at 24 Henrietta Street, Covent Garden, London WC2E 8ND.

By Rosie

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