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A Whistle stop tour of Hong Kong

w hotel hong kong

If you like New York, you’ll love Hong Kong. A 12 hour flight from London but home to a significant ex pat community, it is a heady, enticing blend of Eastern and Western influences, Shara finds…


My first stop was at the W Hotel, home to the highest rooftop pool in the whole of Hong Kong, which is saying a lot in a city whose skyline is dominated by tall buildings. The wet deck’s dizzying setting on the 76th floor at 211m is just of the many reasons this hotel stands out.

Another is its location. that if you’re on a whistle-stop tour of Hong Kong, the W is an excellent place to position yourself. It’s conveniently situated with the airport express right below it.

w hotel hong kong

I make the most of the speedy journey and earlier-than-expected arrival at the hotel by heading straight to the sprawling 130 sq. m gym. A 20-minute run saw off any jet lag, but should you awaken at 4am, fear not – the gym is open 24 hours a day.


The hotel’s design is modern and bold. Originally themed around the idea of an enchanted forest, sleek, dark wooden finishes are set off against pops of teal and burnt orange. Our room (one of 393 in the hotel) was large and spacious with an excellent sunset view, and we spent plenty of time the next day just wallowing (W beds are famed for their comfort levels) before heading to lunch. Served as a buffet, choices are ample and everything is delicious – do try the fresh sushi; the perfect remedy to stale airport food from the day before. The dessert bar is particularly famed here, with all food overseen by chef Robert Nilsson.


Once fully satiated, make time for the bliss spa. Using bliss products and the brand’s signature luxe but not overly fussy approach, my two-hour wrap treatment was heaven. While I was happy to see and be seen, those looking for the ultimate in privacy and decadence as they get pampered will be pleased to know the spa had a dedicated VIP suite.

w hotel hong kong

Finally, be sure to ask about the W insider, Calista Kim. As hooked up as any woman can be, she’s a real font of knowledge and was able to connect us to events, shows and more. Her W Insider tips go far beyond what you’d ever find in a guidebook and all her recommendations are as spot on and glamorous as you could hope for.

To learn more about W Hotel, Hong Kong, visit the website.

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