An immersive fitness journey with a Magic Mirror comes to London

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Prepare yourself for a sensationally immersive indoor cycling fitness journey. Think high-intensity cardio, cutting-edge sunlight simulation, beautifully curated visual backdrops and a 30ft Magic Mirror to transport you to some of the most inspiring places on earth.

Experience the sun-ravaged beauty of the desert, fly down the electric streets of Manhattan, soak up the sundown beats of Ibiza…all from the comfort of a West London studio in Shepherd’s Bush.

FirstLight are on a mission to spread light and happiness across the city to awaken the senses and the spirit. Ride as a pack to the beat. Whether you’re an experienced cyclist or a rising first-timer, their team of expert “Maestros” will lead you all the way.

The club opened earlier this month at Westfield, Shepherds Bush. Book your first class today and get your second, free!

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A team of inspiring trainers or “Maestros” choreograph each class to their own uplifting playlists against a backdrop of amazing widescreen graphics that will transport you to streets of Manhattan, Ibiza, Africa, London, Rio or Dubai.

Sunlight simulation technology enhances these exhilarating experiences, working in perfect harmony with a Magic Mirror system behind the instructor, fully immersing you in the themes and transporting you beyond the studio and out into the world…

Forget the cold light of the gym. The lighting sequences in this indoor cycling studio change throughout the day to reflect our bodies’ natural light requirements.

Pick a course and choose a ride time that will leave you feeling totally ready for whatever’s up next in your day. With room for 68 bikes and stadium-style seating giving unrestricted views from every angle, together with specialist acoustics, you’ll hear every word, sense every rise, and feel every beat.

Book your first class today. Get your second, free*! 

* Offer only available for two weeks from date of purchase and also only available to new riders only.

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