An immersive yoga and mindful makeup consultation in a Chapel

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You are invited to…  an immersive yoga and mindful makeup consultation in a Grade II listed Fitzrovia Chapel on 23rd October 2019.

Struggling to slow down and relax? Burnout has officially been added to the WHO International Classification of Diseases, meaning it will become a globally recognised medical condition come 2020. Do yourself a favour and get back in sync with your breath…

Don’t know where to start? DOSE has joined forces with Shiseido – the Japanese skincare and makeup innovators, to host an immersive yoga and mindful makeup consultation with Shiseido experts in the Fitzrovia Chapel. The perfect antidote for anyone looking to escape the stresses of daily life.

Event Details

Date: Wednesday 23rd October 2019

Time: Classes at 6.15pm or 8pm

Location: Fitzrovia Chapel, 2 Pearson Square, Fitzrovia, London W1T 3BF

Price: £15 (includes yoga class and goody bag worth £40)


What to expect

Experience a 45 minute yoga class, led by yoga teacher, Farah Shafiq. The session will begin with meditation and incorporate breathing techniques to help you surrender to the present moment.

Post yoga class, guests will be treated to an express makeup experience with Shiseido to test their new Synchro skincare range and will depart with a bag full of treats.

Why are we so stressed?

According to research by Headspace, in the UK, 67 percent of people report that they’re more stressed than they were five years ago.

Psychologist and Psychotherapist Corinne Sweet says: “We are finding it hard to slow down and relax due to the increased pace of life at work, home, socially. Constant social media updates, 24/7 news feeds, shops open all hours. Flexible working and zero hour contracts mean old boundaries have melted and we are ‘on’ continuously.

To prevent burnout we need to pace ourselves on a human scale. We need to eat well, sleep adequately, wind down, take exercise, moderate addictive pulls (limit alcohol, caffeine), and learn basic mindfulness techniques to live more in the present.”

Need a meditative moment?

Join us for this special evening that will leave you calmer, more centred and in control of your breath. Not to mention with a bag full of treats!

This is a partnership event with Shiseido

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