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Being welcomed to Bali is a sensory overload, as Shara finds at the Anantara Ulawatu resort. Delicious food and total relaxation await…

It may be a 16 hour flight to get here from London but it’s oh-so-worth-it – we arrive to total tranquility and relaxation. Located on the southern tip of Bali and set atop beautiful cliffs – the views are sensational – a turmeric and ginger drink greets us at Anantara Ulawatu, before we fall into bed.

Mornings here start with an excellent power shower and breakfast, where the buffet is laid out in a gorgeous intimate setting. Both Eastern and Western food options abound, with no need to pick between the two – do try the nasi goreng, which is wonderful.

The spa

I then head straight into a Balinese massage. The spa has a contemporary-meets-traditional design and treatments that focus on healing. My massage drains away all the plane bloat and is one of the most relaxing massages I’ve ever had. It involves lots of prep and the loveliest masseuse – the whole culture is gentle and kind, and that is really reflected in the massage technique.

The food

Onto lunch and we opt for casual dining. It’s wonderful: fish tacos and local beers in the hotel bar overlooking the water. The infinity pool is on split layers and overlooks the sea, so it’s the perfect setting. That, followed by a quick nap in an insanely comfortable bed, makes for a great afternoon.

Jetlag warded off, we make our way down to dinner. We feast on out-of-this-world teppanyaki at the hotel’s Sono Teppanyaki restaurant, which focuses on modern Japanese fare. The art and theatre alone of the dining experience were amazing. A chef performs lots of egg spinning tricks before making perfect egg fried rice, and THE chopping techniques are excellent! The sushi and seared tuna were perfectly fresh and tasty, and it’s a fabulous restaurant for a celebration.

Total relaxation

We didn’t leave the resort for the whole time we were here, and I don’t regret a minute of that. Stunningly beautiful, it’s a haven to sink into. Bedrooms are spacious with oversized sofas and comfy dressing gowns and slippers. There is even a Jacuzzi-style bath on the balcony that is the stuff of dreams, and fresh exotic fruits are left in our room daily.

Should you wish to be a bit more active, you can partake in the Balinese dance classes and other daily activities. There’s a fitness centre, a theatre to hunker down and watch films in, cooking classes and more. A special commendation to the hotel is that it’s really eco friendly, with no plastic in sight.

Anantara Ulawatu – trust me, it’s the perfect place to begin a Balinese adventure.

By Shara

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