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I used to roll my eyes at 15 minutes of movement prep on a foam roller before breaking a sweat. I’d far rather pound a treadmill to get the blood pumping, heart racing and adrenaline surging. An alternative to late nights, caning vodka and red bull…

Warm-ups consist of racing to the tube with minutes to spare, slugging coffee on route. Cool-downs – darting for the shower. But when a former Barry’s Bootcamp trainer launches a class dedicated to active recovery, it’s time to listen…

A.C.C.E.S.S in New York, offers a mix of functional training, yoga, pilates and gymnastics – designed for a body that needs a ‘day off’. LIT Method in LA offers a low-impact HIIT class that promises to “build you, not break you”. Their LIT Kit (branded like a first aid kit) includes a Resistance Band, Bootie Band, Foam Roller and Lacrosse Ball.

Bodyism has been at it all along… Their classes always begin with a signature Movement Prep with foam rolling and band walking to prepare your body for the workout.

The foam roller is, safe to say, your new best friend. Consider it like your very own massage therapist. If you’re tired of cumbersome cylinders that can’t fit in your handbag, try ROVE – the world’s first portable foam roller that allows you to roll anytime, anywhere. Or check out these best-sellers available on Amazon.

If you’re heading to the studio, Gymbox offers a ‘Stretch & Massage’ class, where you massage hard to reach muscles with foam rollers and increase flexibility with stretching techniques using ropes. At Core Collective, ‘Stretch’ is designed to work through the muscle groups to aid mobility, recovery and prevent injury.

Cryotherapy is a known cure for sports conditioning, encouraging the release of anti-inflammatory proteins to aid joint recovery. If you’re feeling achey, blast yourself with freezing cold air at 111CRYO in Harvey Nichols. Or experience the steamy environs of a Russian Banya, followed by a plunge in an ice cold tub – unless you want to brave it in the Brockwell Lido

For therapy on-the-go, Snapbac’s patented mesh layer pods use heat to loosen tendons and ligaments and improve blood flow, and cold therapy to reduce swelling and inflammation.

Drink your way to recovery with WellWell – an all-natural sports beverage with replenishing electrolytes, amino acids and anti-inflammatory compounds. A healthier, cold-pressed alternative to a sugary sports drink!

Failing the above, you can’t go wrong with a spell of hot yoga. Try Hot Pod Yoga or Fierce Grace.

This article was written by Hettie Holmes, co-founder of DOSE

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