Archangel Selaphiel: Signs that Archangel Selaphiel is around you

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Archangel Selaphiel

Have you been feeling lost? Do you need guidance? Sometimes, as humans, life pushes us to a breaking point. We get distanced from our authentic selves and have no idea what to do.

Today, Archangel Selaphiel comes to our rescue. He appears to us to let us know he is ready to guide us. Brace yourself, for you now have angelic protection.

We take a look into the identity of Archangel Selaphiel. We will explore the signs showing his presence, colors, and symbols. Also, we will discuss his role as our spiritual guide. Let’s dive in!

Who is Archangel Selaphiel and What is Their Role in Spiritual Beliefs?

Source: Istockphoto. Angel statue

People refer to Selaphiel as “the angel of prayer and worship .” Different spiritual beliefs acknowledge his existence.

When we are in need, he appears to help us. His role is to align us to our purposes and destinies. He watches and guards the universe.

There are people who believe that Selaphiel has the power to control the storms. It is key to note that he associates with the air element. Also, during chaos and turbulence, we can invoke his presence to achieve peace and a sense of calmness.

Archangel Selaphiel carries our prayers and offerings to the divine realm. Art and literature depict him as a figure holding a thurible. The thurible burns incense during religious ceremonies.

The Color Associated with Archangel Selaphiel and Its Significance

Angel being holding divine energy
Source: Istockphoto. Angel being holding divine energy

The color white is a symbol of purity and protection. Archangel Selaphiel associates with white as he seeks to protect us.

Are you seeking his guidance, and you have seen white flashes? Coming across white while invoking his symbolizes his presence. He is in your midst and trying to communicate with you.

Do you want to receive his message? Listen to your intuition. Trust in his presence through white.

Common Symbols of Archangel Selaphiel and How to Interpret Them

  • A Book/ Scroll:

Have you ever seen books/scrolls in your dreams, yet you need guidance in life?

Archangel Selaphiel is the angel of wisdom and knowledge. He holds a book in his illustrations or a scroll. Seeing books or scrolls in our dreams may show that he wants to connect with us. 

If you require clarity and guidance and you come across books/scrolls, Selaphiel is in your presence. He comes to guide you toward the answers you are looking for. Open your mind to receiving his guidance and invoke his presence whenever you feel ready to. 

  • Wings: 

Feathers or wings in your dreams or waking life symbolize an angelic presence. When you are in need of guidance, wings may signify the presence of Archangel Selaphiel. He encourages you to connect to your higher self. 

We associate wings with soaring; thus, seeing them is a call to rise above your needs and connect with the divine. If you feel his presence but are unsure about it, listen to your heart and trust your intuition.

  • Thurible/ Incense: 

You may notice unexpected incense fragrances and thuribles in your moments of confusion. Do not be afraid when this happens, for it is a sign that Archangel Selaphiel is in your midst, and he comes to your aid. Invoke him and welcome him to offer you the needed guidance. 

  • A Harp: 

As the angel of music and harmony, the harp is another common symbol of Archangel Selaphiel. Are you experiencing a strong connection to a certain music or musical instrument? This could be a sign that Archangel Selaphiel is trying to communicate with you. 

When this happens, Pay close attention to the music lyrics. They may hold important messages or insights from Selaphiel.

Understanding the Meaning Behind Seeing Archangel Selaphiel

Do you struggle with communication? Do you find it difficult to express yourself? Have you been lacking inspiration lately?

Why are you worried, yet Archangel Selaphiel associates with the air element? He is the guide to seek when you need clarity. If you see Archangel Selaphiel in your dreams or during your meditation practice, do not fear. He is trying to pass a message to you.

Archangel Selaphiel helps us overcome obstacles. He brings peace and serenity into our lives. He guides us towards a deeper connection with our spirituality.

How to Connect with Archangel Selaphiel as Your Spirit Guide

Do you wish to connect with Archangel Selaphiel on a deeper level? Below are several ways to do so;

  • Have A Desire – We must desire him before connecting with Archangel Selaphiel. Start by meditating and setting the intention to connect with Archangel Selaphiel.
  • Invoke him through Prayer – To invite him to join your spiritual journey, say a prayer to invite him. Light a white candle and believe that he will come to your aid. Trust in the guidance that comes your way, and have faith that he is with you on your path. 
  • Connect With Nature – Spending time in nature makes our minds silent. It also enhances our connection with your spiritual guides. Find quiet spots outdoors and visualize his presence around you.
  • Use Crystals – Crystals such as amethyst and clear quartz enhance our spiritual connection. We can use them to connect with Selaphiel.

Connecting with Selaphiel is a personal experience that is unique to you. For this reason, know there is no right or wrong way to do it. Trust your intuition and follow your heart at all times.

The Power of Calling on Archangel Selaphiel for Help and Guidance

Any moment you need to find your path, Archangel Selaphiel will always be ready to help you. When you are still determining the path to take in life, seek his help. He will guide you in connecting with your spirituality or making major decisions in life.

As the angel of prayer, we can always call upon him. He will help us connect with the divine energy within and around us.

He offers protection; thus, he can protect us from negative energies and entities. He provides a sense of safety and security when we seek his protection. With his guidance, we become more confident as we navigate through the challenges of life.

Ways to Honor and Show Gratitude to Archangel Selaphiel in Your Spiritual Practice

Do you wish to honor Selaphiel and show gratitude because he has helped you in the past? 

Below are some ways to do so.

  • Connect with him through prayers. 
  • Invoke his presence into your life through meditation.
  • Light a white candle or set an altar to honor him.
  • Express gratitude through words or thoughts to him.

Personal Experiences of Feeling the Presence of Archangel Selaphiel

There are many testimonies of people encountering Archangel Selaphiel. People have shared their experiences of feeling his presence in their lives. 

Here are some of the common signs people have claimed to experience; 

  • Feeling a peaceful energy during times of stress or anxiety.
  • Having vivid dreams or visions of Archangel Selaphiel provides guidance and support. 
  • Feeling a presence during prayer as they invoke his angelic presence. 

Do you desire to have an experience with Selaphiel? Whatever experience you desire, trust in the process. Believe in his guidance and protection power as you invoke him.

Simple Prayer to Archangel Selaphiel

“Dear powerful spiritual guide, we trust in your knowledge and wisdom. We acknowledge your power and desire to guide us in our time of need.

As we journey towards deeper knowledge and understanding, guide and support us. Please open our hearts. May we trust the signs and messages that come our way and have faith in your power to guide and protect us. Amen.”


Here is a summary of the article in the form of a table.

Selaphiel Meaning“the angel of prayer and worship”
Common SymbolsBooks, Harps, Wings, Thurible.
Angelic ColorsWhite
Angelic ElementAir
Meaning Behind the Angelic AppearanceYou need guidance, you need peace, you need to connect with your spirituality, you experience communication challenges, or he has a special message for you.
How to Connect with himDesire for a connection, Invoke him through prayer, connect with nature, or use crystals.

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