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Do you ever find yourself apologising for fluctuating moods swings? Or bursting into a rage when someone asks if it’s “that time of the month again?”. Learn how to turn these feelings to your advantage with MOODY.

The brainchild of entrepreneur Amy Thomson, journalist Laura Weir and nutritionist Lola Ross, MOODY is a digital ecosystem for hormones, cycles and moods that helps you track how you’re feeling and understand your highs and low days.

While the app is still in development (launching 2018), users can start building a profile via the website to receive monthly mood memos and a newsletter with advice on how to balance moods and cycle symptoms.

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Simply fill out a questionnaire to help you understand what “moody tribe” you fall into. Questions range from sensitivity to smells and products to problems with sleep, weight gain and sugar cravings. Users are then assigned to one of five tribes and will receive content and vitamin suggestions based on their results.

We know what you’re thinking… How can our unique, complex blend of hormones possibly fall into one of five neat little boxes? Surely it depends on our genetics and what form of contraception we’re taking? But it is certainly a step in the right direction to help challenge the lingering taboos about mental health and periods.

With nearly all women of childbearing age experiencing some form of PMS and 1 in 20 displaying symptoms severe enough to stop them living normal lives, it’s time we stopped sweeping our mood swings under the carpet and started wearing them with pride. They are, after all, what make us human.

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