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Emily Shaw

After graduating from Sussex University, Emily leapt into the world of travel PR furthering her inspiration to discover the globe’s hidden wonders. Next on her bucket list is experiencing the cherry blossom season in Japan and her all time favourite destination is Menorca. She loves reading and quirky art exhibitions, is obsessed with hats and rom-coms, and one day hopes to live back in Brighton by the seaside. When Emily’s head isn’t buried in a romance novel, you can find her sweating out to one of Cody Rigsby’s pop Peloton rides or traipsing around London on the hunt for the most immersive galleries.

Favourite happy hormone: Emily’s heart strings are pulled by the smallest ounce of soppiness, kindness or affection – she’s always been full of oxytocin (and a bit too much emotion!). She’s a real home bird and commits to showing those around her, and herself, love every single day.


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