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Helena Holdsworth

Born and bred in Yorkshire, English Literature student Helena divides her time between the dance floors of her university town of Exeter and her Northern home. And also a fitness and wellness author at WYD. She likes her steak as rare as a Sunday morning gym session and woe betide anyone who tries talking to her before she’s had an oat milk cortado upon waking. She has a soft spot for Switzerland, where she spends her time bashing pistes by day and eating her bodyweight in tartiflette by night. A savoury over sweet type of girl, she prefers a cheese board paired with a glass of Amarone over any pudding. When she’s not out walking her poodle, you’ll find her cooking her signature beef shin ragu in the kitchen for loved ones.

Favourite happy hormone: Helena is a sweat seeking HIIT addict that loves to get high on her own endorphin supply. She controversially loves a set of back breaking burpees to finish off every workout!


Helena Holdsworth
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