Autumn Equinox 2021: What Is The Significance?

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Autumn Equinox

You’ve probably heard people talking about the autumn equinox and sure, you know it means we’re entering a new season. But, other than a sea of orange leaves and a temperature drop, what does it actually mean? On a deeper level? DOSE writer Emily is here to fill you in on its spiritual significance and how you can celebrate…


A time of annual transition marking the first day of the new season, the autumn equinox can occur anytime between 21 and 24 September. Falling this year on 22 September, it signals the moment that the earth’s equator passes directly through the centre of the sun’s pathway. A rare occurrence, the earth is in direct alignment with the sun. And, as a result, on the day of any equinox, day and night are (pretty much) both of equal length. During this season, we spend more time inside with loves ones and generally move at a slower pace than in summer. So essentially, the autumn equinox marks the start of a (usually spiritual) journey inward that will last a few months. 


There’s another equinox at the start of spring and the rest of the cycle includes the summer solstice and winter solstice. At the solstices (June and December), we celebrate the longest and shortest days of the year. Astronomically, the four seasons centre around these significant days. The energy of an equinox will generally bring more abundance into your life. While, during a solstice, you will usually achieve more clarity and connect with your souls purpose more. These four significant days reminds us of the process of shedding and rebirth that our planet is constantly moving through.

We know the changing seasons are key points in nature’s cycle of life but, synonymously, each season also represents a stage of life within ourselves. Have you ever wondered why in summer your confidence naturally feels on point? But in winter, you tend to feel a bit more blue? Well, mirrored to the seasons, we also transition through the cycles of growth (summer), harvest (autumn), death (winter) and rebirth (spring). When we consciously link our awareness to the cycle of the seasons and flow with these energies, our self-understanding deepens. 

Cycle of the seasons

Astrologer, cosmic coach, crystal healer and founder of the Moon Child Sorority Bex Milford aka Cosmic Cures tells us a bit more about the spiritual cycle of the seasons and significance of autumn: “During spring we plant seeds and welcome fresh starts, as new life breathes into the earth. Over the lazy, hazy days of summer, we practice patience in the knowledge that what we’ve planted will come to bloom while we enjoy sunshine and warmth. Then, when autumn arrives, it is time for harvest. Our attention returns inwards. We can assess how far we have come. We can regroup, contemplate and return to that deep inner well of power. This is a time for magic, deciding what we want to call in and being thankful for what already have. After all autumn is, at its core, a time of gratitude.”


As Bex mentions, autumn is closely associated with harvest as the hopes sown in summer and spring are now to be picked and plucked. In the same way that farmers honour their harvest by gathering crops, you should be honouring your own harvest by looking back at the intentions you previously set and acknowledging how they’ve come to fruition. Or, paying gratitude for the ways in which you’ve grown and the progress you’ve made this year. Spiritually, autumn is a time for releasing what no longer serves you, honouring your inner growth and of course the equilibrium of day and night encourages us to balance the light and darkness within our own lives. 

Each year, the start of autumn also determines which full moon will be the Harvest Moon for that year. The harvest moon is whichever full moon falls closest to the September equinox and this year it takes place just two days before autumn begins on 21 September. During this lunar event, the angle of the moon’s orbit relative to the earth is at its minimum, so the full moon rises much faster than usual and we see its light for longer. Historically, the full moons light even enabled farmers to work later into the night bringing in their crops from the fields.


  • Spend the first few moments of this new season feeling gratitude for your life. Like really feeling it. Speak it out loud. Write it down. Send someone a voice note telling them why you feel thankful for them. Whatever you choose, just really appreciate everything you have, however big or small
  • According to energy healer and tarot reader Emma Rosa, a magical bath ritual is a nice way to cleanse and recharge during this transition. Honour your inner goddess, light some candles and infuse your bath with Westlab’s Mindful Salts. While laying there, you can visualise everything that no longer serves you just soaking away into the water 
  • Spend at least 15 minutes in nature around the first moments of the equinox. Sit quietly in meditation, simply open your senses to the intelligence of your surroundings or to get really grounded, stand barefoot on the grass and feel the earth beneath you. Really feel into how it holds you
  • Host a gratitude dinner. Get together with some friends, serve a seasonal meal and make a toast to the new season. Go around the table and ask your guests to answer these questions: What were your favourite memories from summer? How have you grown since spring? What or who are you most thankful for in your life at the moment? Bascially, just celebrate each other and be a witness to each others growth & journey 
  • Bex is hosting an Autumn Equinox x Pisces Full Moon Virtual Ceremony on 22 September where you can soul-dive into the new season. With 33% of profits being split between two female-focused charities, joining Bex won’t just guide you on your own journey but others too
  • Journal, journal, journal! Put a pen to paper and just let the words flow. Trust us, whatever needs to come out, will. But if you’re stuck on where to start, try one of the below prompts:
    • Write yourself a love letter. Get sensual with yourself. Celebrate all that you are. Why do you love you? 
    • How can you implement more grounding practices in your life? Try writing 3 things your thankful for each day. Or if you prefer something more physical, dance to one song you love every day. What song really makes you want to move and why? 
    • The trees are shedding what they no longer need and so should you. What or who are you ready to release from your life? What will you not be taking with you into this new season? How will you navigate letting these things go for good?

Bex helps people align and shine with their own potential by harnessing the power of cosmic energies. She helps people use the stars and lunar flow to tap into their highest vibrations, moving from being the passenger on this star-studded journey to being the driving force! She’s contributed to The Express, Metro, Glamour and Bustle, holds regular moon ceremonies, has an Astro-Guide subscription that helps you move through the month of cosmic energies, and has developed a crystal healing course for beginners. For more information on Bex and her offerings, head to:  

By Emily

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