A Barry’s Bootcamp trainer on Pre/Post Natal Exercise

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Meet Tee – a Barry’s Bootcamp Master Trainer and seriously hot mama, whose classes are packed full of energy, banging tunes and good vibes.She talks to us about her tips for pre and post natal exercise that doesn’t mean having to sacrifice the main man in your life. Barry of course…

Is Barry’s Bootcamp really pre/post natal friendly?

All of the Barry’s classes are pre/post natal friendly as all of the instructors are qualified in a REPs recognised level 4 pregnancy and exercise qualification. Exercising and training during pregnancy is about a woman listening to her body and doing it for the health benefits and maintaining their current level of fitness rather than as a way to lose weight or become physically active.

Blood pressure shouldn’t be raised to an excess during the first trimester and if a woman hasn’t been training previously before becoming pregnant then starting a HIIT class like Barry’s is not advisable. Always seek to speak to the instructor before the class starts to make him/her aware of the situation so that they can use their expertise to adjust and give options to exercises where necessary and again any pregnant woman should always seek the advise of her GP before undertaking any exercise or activity and should always listen to her body. If an exercise or activity doesn’t feel right regardless of whether an instructor or trainer recommends it, then don’t do it.

How did you feel during your 1st trimester?

It was a long time ago when I fell pregnant as my daughter is now 14 years old. At the time I wasn’t as aware of what I could and couldn’t do in terms of my exercise and nutrition. I remember seeing my pregnancy as a green light to go with my calorie intake and to “take things easy”.

Is it true that you shouldn’t get your heart rate up too much during the first 12 weeks?

It is true that you absolutely shouldn’t exercise to complete exhaustion during your pregnancy as the heart rate tends to increase anyway due to metabolic changes that occur in the body. Generally the heart rates of pregnant exercisers are always higher but every woman is different. You should always consult your GP or health care and listen to your body.

How did you feel during your 2nd trimester?

By my 2nd trimester I had come to terms with my pregnancy and I was enjoying it so much. I was in love with my baby and the feeling of having her grow in my belly. After some knowledge seeking I then understood that weight gain is normal particularly in the second trimester and that I could carry on with my normal pre-pregnancy regime but to listen to my body and not push myself as hard as I had been doing.

For someone who’s used to attending 2-3 Barry’s classes per week, how should they adapt their training for pregnancy?

If you are used to training before you become pregnant then continuing with your routine is absolutely fine however it is not a time to workout to try and work against the fact that your body is changing. Instead do it for the reasons that exercising during pregnancy has so many health benefits to both Mother and baby.

What are 3 things you know now that you wished you could’ve told yourself post pregnancy?

1) Allow your body time to return to normal

2.) Yes, your stomach will absolutely go down so be gentle with yourself

3.) You have just performed an absolute miracle, give yourself a pat on the back instead of worrying about your baby weight

What pregnancy books do you recommend?

I know Ina May’s Guide To Childbirth comes highly recommended and C-section, How to avoid and prepare by Dr. Zakowski

How quickly did you get back into training after having a baby?

After the initial shock of having stitches and dealing with being a new Mother and having very little sleep I started back with Yoga and Pilates after around 3 months and then slowly progressed into my normal exercise regime.

Did you find it easy to lose the baby weight?

It took me about a year before the baby weight started to come off because I was breastfeeding and didn’t have anything in particular to train for. Once my body bad healed from having my daughter and after I found the time that I could devote purely to myself to train and workout the the excess weight started to come off.

How has being a mother changed your life?

Being a mother has made me respect life in as much as I want to do my absolute best to take care of my health for my daughter. I think as soon as you have someone so dependant on you life becomes more precious.

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