Benefits Of Exercising In The Morning According To 7 Fitness Trainers

Benefits Of Exercising In The Morning

From boosted energy levels to better sleep, sunrise sweat sessions have some major benefits. It’s no wonder fitness gurus choose to set their alarms early. Read on for the benefits of exercising in the morning according to top fitness trainers…

7 Fitness Trainers On The Benefits Of Exercising In The Morning

Sam Gregory, co-founder and head trainer at F45 Stratford

There’s no real ‘right’ time to work out but I personally prefer to train in the morning. The primary reason for this is that it helps me stay on track with my personal fitness goals. As I get older, I’m more concerned with keeping my body fat levels in a safe range as well as maintaining my muscle mass. There’s a strong body of evidence that suggests depleted state interval training (training on an empty stomach), is very effective at torching body fat and maintaining lean muscle. It’s also great to get my workout done early to leave the rest of the day free for family time… and eating! Talk about benefits of exercising in the morning!

Pelé Zachariah, head trainer at ROWBOTS

Training first thing in the morning is my way of resetting my system after 8+ hours of sleep. Personally, I feel that there is no better way to set up for a big day than moving my body and getting a sweat on, followed by a cold shower and a wholesome breakfast! Leaving the gym with a spring in my step, I know that it doesn’t matter how busy the day gets, I’ve already got my session in.

I feel like there is a clear knock on effect throughout the day after an early morning session. I’m much more likely to make healthier food choices, my mood and general sense of mental wellbeing are positively impacted, and my overall output at work benefits massively.

In the run up to the opening of our second studio next month, I know that my days are going to be feeling busier and busier. Maintaining my early morning sessions as a non-negotiable habit will ensure that I’m constantly chipping away at my fitness goals, especially with Turf Games coming up in July!

Tess Glynne-Jones, head trainer at ROWBOTS

Training in the morning sets me up both mentally and physically for my day. Movement always makes me feel good and starting the day with something that makes you feel positive often leads to increased motivation which means performance in all areas tends to improve – it’s the knock on effect of training that is so powerful. My mood is always better throughout the rest of the day, as are my food choices and productivity levels.

My morning PT clients and ROWBOTS members find the same and there are studies to show that those who train in the morning are more productive at work, so it’s also a win for your career goals as well as your physical wellbeing, relationships and mental health. As we get closer to the opening of our second site, it’s important that we’re all as energised and efficient as possible at ROWBOTS and training in the morning is my secret weapon to achieve this.

Grayson Hart, Personal Trainer and co-founder of Pure Sport CBD

I workout in the morning to create routine, which gets the day off to a good start. When you start the day positively it has a knock-on effect on the rest of your daily activities and takes our mind off external things outside of our control. My preferred home workout is usually a high-intensity circuit mostly bodyweight exercises and you could incorporate some bands or dumbells/kettlebells if you have them.

A great and simple format is to pick five exercises and do 10-20 reps of each exercise in a row without rest. Rest for a minute and complete five rounds. I love the intensity of this format and it leaves me with a boost of energy ready to take on the day. I find I’m much more positive, optimistic and productive throughout the day after this. Also, as it’s not too gruelling it leaves me open to the option of another workout later in the day if I choose to do so!

Aaron Cook, Master Trainer at Gymbox

Training in the morning is something I’ve done since I can remember. I feel as if I have the most energy for not only my strength work but also my metcons before having my first meal. I hate the feeling of training in the afternoon after eating once or twice. I feel slow, heavy and my head is just not in it. Overall my preference isn’t based on any science or testing, it is based on my lifestyle and where I can optimise training and day-to-day life. I believe this is the approach you should use when trying to determine if you’re going to hit your workouts in the AM or PM.

Lucy Gornall, fitness instructor at Digme

Lucy Gornall - Benefits Of Exercising In The Morning

Working out first thing is the ultimate kick start to my day. It releases those feel-good endorphins and helps to wake me up. If I haven’t had the best night’s sleep, I will still get up and move as it wakes me up far more than caffeine ever could. Plus, if I exercise outside it means I get that fresh morning air and with barely anyone around I can look like a sweaty mess in peace!

Louis Rennocks, co-founder of BOXX

Benefits Of Exercising In The Morning

I train in the morning for a few reasons. Firstly, I find in the morning I have more energy and there’s less risk of something affecting my mood or energy by the time I get to a workout. Secondly, I feel like if I do my workout in the morning no matter what happens during the day, I have achieved something. I know that I have started something and finished it without giving up, which gives me that extra boost of confidence for the rest of my day.

Whether you prefer working out in the morning or working out in the dark at the end of a busy day, do what works for you.

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