The Best Essential Oils For Beginners


We’re always on a mission to find daily hacks to help us increase our wellness and happiness. Essential oils is definitely one of them. Through aromatherapy, you can use them to increase your mood, relax, have more energy or even relieve muscle pain. DOSE writer Demi has everything you need to know about the best essential oils for beginners, from lavender for relaxation to lime oil for a boost of energy.

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How do essential oils work?

Essential oils can affect a person psychology and regulate emotions, says the American Journal of Nursing Science. When inhaled, the molecules of essential oils release neurochemical substances in the brain, which can be soothing and relaxing. Additionally, aromatic particles enter the nervous system resulting in relaxation and tranquility, addressing the effects of anxiety, headaches, migraines and more.

Research has shown the many health benefits of essential oils. From digestion to stress. Essential oils work so well due to their lipophilic property, which means they dissolve easily in fats and liquids. Allowing them to cross the cell membrane, which many modern medicines can’t do.

How to recognise high quality essential oils

Not all good essential oils are expensive, so don’t judge the quality on the price tag. However, for some essential oils it can take a huge amount of the natural origin to produce a small amount of oil, hence the high price. To know if a bottle is good quality check the label. Does it include the botanical name, plant part, country of origin or distillation or expiration date. Another thing to look out for is if it’s been tested, look out for GC/MS testing or if its NAHA approved. Look for oils that are made by companies that are certified organic. You can usually find this information on the company’s website or social media.

The benefits of essential oils

Sometimes no amount of deep breathing or yoga can overcome the overwhelming feeling of anxiety that creeps over us. However, research has shown that several essential oils have been proven to minimise the effects of anxiety.

Research on the benefits of essential oils found that lavender oil has sedative and relaxant effect due to its effect on central nervous system by interfering the GABA neuro transmission. Further research on aromatherapy found after aromatherapy sprays using Bergamot essential oils, the nervous system of participants returned to a balanced state.

Feeling that 4pm slump? Got to the end of the day and haven’t done that workout you planned? Certain essential oils such as orange and lime oil, can give you that boost of energy you need. As well as this, many essential oils have natural antibacterial properties, making them great natural cleaners.

The best essential oils for beginners:

Below are some of our favourite essential oils we count on to calm down or lift our mood.

Clary sage to reduce stress 

Clary sage is a flowering herb from the Mediterranean with a refreshing scent. Its benefits include stress reduction, antibacterial properties and it’s a natural antidepressant.  The best ways to apply clary sage are through inhaling from the bottle, add some to a spray bottle filled with water and use as a spray or skin application but remember to mix the oil with some carrier oil beforehand.

Bergamot for anxiety 

With a similar taste to earl grey, Bergamot is a blend of the sour orange and lemon plant. It is great for reducing anxiety symptoms and calming the mind and body. The best ways to use it are to mix it with carrier oil for skin application or add a few drops to body wash, shampoo or face scrubs or creams.

Valerian to aid digestion 

Known as the essential oil that can ‘heal all’, Valerian has many benefits. These include; improving sleep, digestion, reducing symptoms of anxiety, regulates blood pressure and even supports skin health. Make sure to only use a few drops at a time as Valerian is extremely strong, using more than needed can have negative side effects.

Jasmine oil to make you feel zen 

With a beautiful floral scent, inhaling jasmine can calm the nervous system without making you tired. The best ways to apply jasmine are through a diffuser, inhaled from the bottle or diluted into carrier oil and used in a bath or on skin.

Chamomile as a sleep hack 

We all love a chamomile tea before bed, but have you ever tried it in an oil? The benefits are endless when it comes to chamomile oil, it supports digestion, heals skin wounds and eczema, has anti-inflammation benefits supporting back and muscle pains and supports sleep.

Lavender for relaxation

Lavender is our go to scent for when we can’t sleep. Research has found that the famous and floral scent can reduce symptoms of anxiety by impacting the limbic system and reducing cortisol levels in the brain. It can also be used as insect repellant and wound healer. Lavender oil can be applied to skin without being diluted, we recommend using it in a diffuser half an hour before you go to sleep to calm your mind body.

Cinnamon Oil for improved mood

One of our favourite mood enhancer, cinnamon increases blood circulation in the body, resulting in improved mood and stimulated libido. Using cinnamon oil in a hair mask can support hair growth.  Our favourite ways of using cinnamon oil include mixing it with carrier oil for a massage or in a diffuser.

Pine oil for energy 

Great for a boost of energy when you need it. It’s also great for skin care, boosting metabolism, and muscle reducing pain. However, it has a strong scent so only use a small drop as it may irritate skin.

Orange oil as a mood booster

Helps relieve symptoms of depression, constipation, inflammation and uplifts mood. Although it’s a natural oil, it can be harmful if not used correctly. Don’t apply directly to skin as it can be irritating, rather ensure it has been diluted with carrier oil and poor a few drops onto a tissue or towel to inhale it.

Lime oil for energy 

If you need that boost of energy or want to feel refreshed lime oil is a great option. You can even add a few drops to your moisturiser for fresh looking skin or your morning glass of water. It’s purifying properties can help support the immune system and support skin health.

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