The best sound baths in London

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Gongs and singing bowls have been used therapeutically for thousands of years as a healing tool to soothe and de-stress the body. Here’s our pick of the best destinations in London where you can immerse yourself in the power of sound…


A new addition to BLOK’s timetable, BLOKSound is an hour-long session of sound relaxation and recovery using a multitude of frequencies to soothe the mind and heal the body. Instructors work with a variety of instruments from quartz crystal bowls, harmonious gongs and Tibetan bowls.

Price: £17 (packages available). Visit

Sound of Mind

Sound of Mind is London’s first space dedicated solely to sound and energy treatment. It’s housed in a dreamy room lit with fairy lights in Shoreditch where you can escape to for some morning, afternoon or evening bliss. Sound and gong baths take place every day of the week except Saturday.

Price: £15 for first-timers, £20 standard. Visit

Re:Mind Studio

Re:Mind Studio’s sound healing classes offer a beautiful moment of self-care in the heart of London’s Victoria. Each class promises to leave you feeling ‘warm and fuzzy, like a large weight has been lifted from your shoulders’  – try Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls or gong.

Price: £22 (packages available). Visit

House of Wisdom

We love the sound of House of Wisdom, a brand new wellness space in central London focusing on self-development. Alongside talks and workshops, it holds crystal and gong sound baths plus an ‘electronic sound experience’ which uses a mixture of voice, ancient instruments, ambient soundscapes and binaural beats for a deeply relaxing acoustic experience.

Price: £22. Visit

Crystal Sound Lounge

For a bespoke session, book yourself in for a private one-to-one or group class with a sound specialist at Crystal Sound Lounge in Paddington. It is run by Laura, who set the studio up in 2017 after she had a profound experience with sound therapy during a trip to Mexico.  Simply turn up, lie down and let go.

Price: From £175. Visit

Main image: House of Wisdom

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