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The half treadmill, half strength training routine is a tried and tested formula worth its weight in gold (it’s no wonder they keep on coming). But how does the new kid on the block measure up? Well firstly, Bests Bootcamp it’s 100% British, you can charge your phone in the locker while you work out and aside from the spacious shower and changing facilities (stocked with fluffy towels and GHD’s) the pièce de résistance is an ice cold airstream shower to bring the body temperature right down. Handy if you have evening plans…no one likes a sweaty date!

So what about the studio? You know the drill, heart pumping cardio one minute, strenuous strength work the next – but this is the only studio in the UK to have FreeMotion Treadmills with pre-set speeds and inclines so you can save the finger pumping and stay focussed. Thanks to multiple screens you can keep an eye on your instructor at all times to make sure you’re doing the moves correctly (not just copying the person in front of you) and you’re always in reach of equipment needed for the the class, so not a second is wasted.

If you’re on the go, grab a salad box or wrap from Leon on the strand (5 minute walk), or if you fancy a tipple, head to London’s oldest drinking den, Gordon’s Wine Bar, that offers a great selection of organic, biodynamic and vegan wine (just go easy on the cheese…)

Address: Concourse Level 1, Embankment Pl, London, WC2N 6NN

Tube: Charing Cross (Bakerloo & Northern lines)

Price: 1 class £20. 3 credits £57 (3 month expiry)

Book: here




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