Togetherness Summer Festival is soulful, sensual, sexy

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Togetherness Summer Festival is soulful, sensual, sexy – it’s wellness, with some edge…


It’s taking place from August 31 – September 2 at a country manor in Dorset. You can expect everything from sessions on Mindfulness for Better Sex to make your own facepack superfood pamper parties. We’re also excited for the 80’s power ballad aerobics, UV underwear parties and cacao body painting.


The three-day celebration of social and soulful human connection is alcohol-free, with connection at the fore. Don’t miss the wood-fired hot tubs and spa. You can explore new ways of connecting with others, yourself and your passion.


It’s been created by Adam Wilder, founder of Shhh Dating, “to teach what I’ve learned through my dating events, about how to connect with each other beyond politics and ideas of right and wrong”. Over 100 people came to his first event, and this sparked the first festival of Togetherness in May last year, with 500 people on top of a sky scraper in Canary Wharf.

This year, sessions are grouped into five categories, Connect, Play, Enrich, Express and Nourish.

It’s bigger and better than ever. Tickets are from £229 and available here.

By Charlotte

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