Booze free alternatives for January

Swapping bingeing on booze for a spell of abstinence? If you’re looking to limit your alcohol consumption this January, here’s a round up of healthier, hangover-free alternatives, courtesy of Club Soda.

Pimento is a non-alcoholic ginger drink with a chilli kick. Invented by frenchman Eric Dalsace who was looking for something to replace the burn and intensity of a strong drink.

A refreshing and finely balanced non-alcoholic drink combining sparkling fermented grape juice and premium green tea for body.

Real Remedies teas, tinctures and tonics work with your Chakras. Using power of the plants, they offer these products as tools for attaining greater sensitivity, awareness and balance in our lives

Uncommon Soda for Uncommon Folk – Bringing the best craft soda drinks from Colorado to the UK. Soda Folk uses only the highest quality ingredients, to ensure a great-tasting refreshment every time.

Slange Var is non-alcoholic, low in sugar, and doesn’t leave the overpowering sweet aftertaste of many soft drinks. It has a refreshing citrus flavour that can easily act as an alternative to white wine.

A regular at the finish-line of many sporting events, Erdinger Alkoholfrei is a German wheat beer that includes vitamin B12 and folic acid – making it an isotonic drink!

Borrago is a delicious grown up drink with no alcohol, sugar or calories. It is a sophisticated botanical spirit that is a fantastic base for exciting non-alcoholic cocktails. Launching at the Festival!

FitBeer is an alcohol-free artisan lager. Brewed in Bavaria to the highest quality, and a proud winner of the Great Taste Award. All the ingredients are 100% natural.

It surprises most people that a soft drink containing no added sugar or chemicals can deliver a kick that inspires that ‘wow’ moment. A soft drink with a cayenne kick! Lower sugar and lower calories.

Rethink your drink with Bitter Union. Add a few dashes of these all natural aromatic bitters to soda or tonic to create a low sugar, low alcohol drink.

Gusto Organic create premium drinks from organic spices, fruit, essential oils and botanicals. All their drinks are made in small batches in Devon with spring water from the hills of Exmoor.

The botanical drink for wine lovers. Without grapes or alcohol, Botonique doesn’t taste like wine, but rather complements it. The flavour is utterly unique.

Blossoms Syrup is a unique super premium British syrup brand, 100% natural, suitable for vegans and available in 13 delicious flavours, for use in cocktails and as a cordial.

St. Peter’s Without® is a 0.0% delicious full-bodied alcohol-free craft ale, which has a distinctive malt flavour, from one of Britain’s finest small breweries.

Double Dutch favoured tonics elevate the spirit, spurring the tastebuds to experience new and richer, deeper and more exciting flavours. They reward the drinker with sensations that improve rather than dilute their chosen drink – it should bring a spirit to life.

Experience Real Kombucha, the best tasting kombucha (it’s just fermented tea) on the planet, in three flavours: the rich apple and caramel Smoke House, the pear and lemon Dry Dragon, and the floral and elegant Royal Flush.

Inspired by Prohibition-era shrub making, their ingredients are steeped in apple cider vinegar for several days to capture the raw flavours. Adding water and a light touch of fizz creates the perfect soda… lightly sweet with subtle flavours, and that famous ‘Prohibition’ kick at the end.

Nirvana is the UK’s first dedicated low/non-alcoholic brewery based in Leyton, East London. Try their Kosmic Stout and Tantra Pale Ale.

Nonsuch’s drinks are sparkling, fruitful and herbaceous. Made with a sweetened cider vinegar-based syrup, they are tart, refreshing and bursting with flavour.

Berraquera is a punchy soft drink based on lulo, an exotic fruit from the Andes. It’s ideal on ice, super as a spritzer and amazing as a mixer. This drink backs smallholder farmers sowing into biodiversity and peace in Colombia.

Spice Drops® offer you the ability to bring any food and drink to life with authentic flavours in a way that’s both quick and convenient. Excellent for alcohol-free drinks and cocktails. As they are highly concentrated, a little drop goes a long way!

A dry refreshing blend of Welsh spring water, botanical extracts and natural infusions. Free from artificial flavours, colours and preservatives, with no added sugar. These botanical sodas are inspired by that original recipe crested by Harold and Iolo. Available at Borough Wines.

Skilfully blending natural ingredients and botanical extracts to deliver truly unique tasting syrups. Their exciting range can be diluted with either still or sparkling water, and also make great bases for non-alcoholic cocktails.

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