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Bounce have released a brand new and totally vegan range of protein balls – and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them.

If you’re slightly shocked to find out that the original Bounce balls aren’t already vegan, then you’re not alone. I’m not vegan, but I would describe myself as a flexi-tarian, and I try to limit my meat and dairy intake where I can – so it’s great to know that these handy little snacks can help me stick to my nutrition goals.

I tend to be wary of products that sell themselves as ‘high-protein’ – but with 9 grams of vegan protein per ball, they only have the equivalent of about half a tin of tuna – so you’re not going to overdo it. When you’re vegan or vegetarian it can be tricky to make sure you’re getting enough protein in your diet. Bounce balls are a simple way of giving yourself a protein boost and slaying your snack cravings at the same time. Ideal.

The positives:
The new flavours are innovative, varied and delicious. My favourite has to be Beetroot Cashew – an irresistible hint of sweetness from the beetroot, with a gorgeously chewy texture – it really deals with my 3pm need for something sugary. They are also surprisingly filling, one ball got me right through from breakfast to lunch – and I am notoriously hungry at all times. They’re also perfect if you’re on-the-go – eat them on the tube, at your desk or slip one in your gym bag with zero fuss.

The negatives:
Not every flavour is going to be a crowd-pleaser. They haven’t shied away from bold combinations – which is great… unless you happen to think spirulina tastes like swamp water.

The flavours:
Coconut Cumin
Betroot Cashew
Almond Kale
Almond Spirulina
Cashew Peanut

A great new twist on a classic. Perfect for a post-gym pick-me-up, this is a vegan snack with serious bite.

By Natalie

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