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From May 17th 2021, we can train at our favourite studios again. The fitness landscape has changed a little but we can’t wait to get back to those endorphin-charged workouts and come up as the beat drops under those dazzling strobe lights. Here are some of the boutique gyms in London that we’ve been missing the most over lockdown…

It’s been a challenging year for the fitness industry and while we all adapted to at home virtual classes, and open gym audio guided workouts, nothing beats the feeling of a live class. Sandy Macaskill, founder of Barry’s London says that next week’s bookings have “exceeded his expectations” with some classes already full. “It’s incredible to see the response from our community who are desperate to get back into the studio and for classes to resume”, he says.

Despite classes re-starting though, studios will have to continue to operate with a capacity cap until social distancing measures are completely removed. Sandy says: “We continue to lobby the government, on behalf of the industry, to give us much-needed support – in the same way the government has done to the hospitality industry through VAT relief and initiatives like ‘Eat Out to Help Out.”

5 boutique gyms in London that we can’t wait to return to


A boxing workout that’s fight club meets nightclub

We’ve been missing this high intensity boxing class that’s part boxing, part functional training.  Accessible to everyone, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a boxing beginner, KOBOX is all about working hard, sweating lots and punching life in the face, together. Book your class at the Kings Road, London Wall or Baker Street studios. Waterloo opens in June 2021.



High intensity fitness at it’s best

Boutique Gyms In London - Barry's

The long awaited Barry’s classes as you know and love them with instructors in the flesh are back from 17th May. Return to the Red Room for an endorphin-charged blend of tread and floor. With 7 London studios, Barry’s are seeing bookings for next week’s classes soar as we all look forward to attending live, instructor-led classes for the first time in over 5 months. Some classes on Monday are already sold out across a number of studios, including the first 6am class. So get in there quick!



The ultimate party on a bike

Boutique Gyms In London - Boom Cycle

We can’t wait to rejoin the party on the bike at Boom Cycle, which puts the fun factor into getting your sweat on! Cut loose on the bike again at Battersea, Hammersmith and Waterloo studios. Their ‘Feels Like The First Time’ ride package is available for all those who need a top up on their account. With the lights low and the world class sound system kicking out high energy music you’ll be swept away into an immersive experience. Lockdown life will cease to exist!



The house of sculpting  

Boutique Gyms In London - Barrecore

In April, United Fitness Brands (UFB), acquired Barrecore, which now joins Boom Cycle and KOBOX in a ‘supergroup’ of boutique fitness brands. The experience stays the same however and we’ve missed the workout known for intelligently exhausting muscles to the point that they start to tremble – what has become known as the “Barrecore Shake”. Synonymous with carving up athletic physiques from Jourdan Dunn to Rita Ora. Your body will shake like you never thought possible, as you flow from one move to the next – stretching inbetween sets to ensure long, lean muscles with no bulk.



A fully immersive yoga experience

Boutique Gyms In London - Hotpod Yoga
Photographer Credit : Ed Reeve

The hotpod mini pods were great but… We’ve missed flowing together in this multi-sensory flowing yoga class that fuses heat (37°C) with urban chill beats and a deliciously calming atmosphere. Prepare to melt stresses away and work up a purifying sweat in an otherworldly cocoon of glowing lightsheady aromas and enveloping soundscapes, taking you a million miles from lockdown.


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