CBD oil-infused desserts have hit London – and they’re sweet as can be

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CBD is all the rage these days. Without the THC (the stuff in weed that makes you high), it’s 100% legal, and is proven to have stress-reducing qualities. Do you know what else makes us less stressed? Cake…

If you’ve ever spent time in New York or are into delicious vegan food, you’ll have heard of by CHLOE., which opened its first London site in Covent Garden at the start of the year (its second in London Bridge opened in June.)

And if you’re interested in the world of wellness, you’ll be familiar with the buzzword that is CBD. Its proper name is cannabidiol and it is one of the compounds found in cannabis. However, it isn’t the psychoactive component, meaning, unlike the THC in marijuana, it won’t get you high. It is associated with some of the pain relief that can come with marijuana. In fact, it has a host of health benefits, reportedly aiding with heart health, acne and anxiety, though it’s important to note much of this evidence is anecdotal and it’s early days in terms of research.

It’s been a cool new product in the world of skincare recently, and now by CHLOE. is infusing sweet treats with CBD oil, too, at a pop-up.


The range of six sweeter-than-sweet desserts is called FEELZ. The most easily recognisable are the Rice Krispie Pinkie Treat, Chocolatey Leafy Browney (complete with a marijuana-shaped fondant leaf and Chocolatey Leafy Cupcakey (self-explanatory).

My personal favourites, though, are the more interesting ones. Like the A-TO-CBDEY Cookey, a cleverly named concoction that includes crisps, pretzels, pecans and marshmallow chocolate cookies. Diet food it ain’t, but tasty it is. Then there’s the Rainbowey Cookey Sammie, two cookies sandwiched together with thick icing that’s covered in sprinkles. And finally there’s the Chocolatey Nerdy Cake, covered in old-school Nerds.

They’re all as delicious as you may expect (the CBD oil isn’t discernible to taste) albeit very, very sweet. Nor do I feel any different after eating them, which may be due to the quantity of CBD oil they contain (presumably small). If you ate loads and loads, you may notice more of an effect.


However, if the health benefits of CBD oil are to be believed, it’s a great and fun way to showcase this, which is what by CHLOE. co-founder Samantha Wasser wanted to do.

“I am a big believer in the benefits of CBD and the potential of this ever-expanding industry,” she says. “We hope to help bring CBD to the mainstream just like we did with plant-based food when we first opened by CHLOE.”

It may sound like a gimmick, but with the way wellness is evolving, who knows? In a few years’ time, CBD-infused foods could be seen as commonplace. Watch this space.

FEELZ pop up at both by CHLOE. London locations until November 30, by CHLOE

By Charlotte

Charlotte is a London girl through and through. She sweats through spin and puffs through Pilates to justify trying the latest restaurants and devouring copious amounts of sweet potato fries, burrata and bread – preferably on holiday. Her favourite destinations include Italy, the Maldives and anywhere where the sun’s shining and there’s a strong breakfast buffet. She’s obsessed with walking, visiting farmers’ markets and reading. She’s also learning to cook. Wish her (and her husband) luck.

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