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Can’t commit to being a vegan? Try Cheganism instead. Stand up for feminism, Nessa style through JanuHairy. Try a woo woo ritual that dates back to Mayan and Aztec traditions and party all day or all night with no booze or drugs…

Dry January

We all know what Dry January is – but have you ever actually done it? No booze, as of the second the 12pm gong has struck on New Year’s Eve. The first couple of weeks may be OK, as you feel sick from Christmas feasting – but the latter half of the month is where it gets tricky. If you commit, though, you’ll find better sleep, brighter skin and eyes, and no hangovers. Worth a try? Be sure to visit the Mindful Drinking Festival for some likeminded people and lots of fun. Planning an night out? Try ‘Sober Swinging’. Swingers City & West End will be serving a selection of non-alcoholic cocktails to crazy golfers throughout January.


It’s hard to be a vegan. Ok, meat might be easy, but eggs, and cheese? Not so fun. So this January, if you want to make a commitment but aren’t ready to go whole hog, consider Che’ganism – that is, a cheating vegan. Flexitarian in style, it involves making vegan-friendly choices and cutting back on consumption of non-vegan items, without fully committing. Better for the planet, and for you, but with plenty of January-necessary flexibility. You won’t be lacking in places to go: try these vegan-friendly restaurants and these seriously great vegan burgers.


If you watched the Gavin and Stacey Christmas special – and you really should have – you may want to join Nessa in her campaign for feminism through JanuHairy. Yes, that means not shaving – or waxing, or any other form of hair removal – any other part of your body, throughout the entire month. Maybe you’ll grow a Ness-style goatee, maybe you’ll just be irked by stubbly legs and slightly off brows. Either way, it could be liberating.

Cacao ceremony

If this always sounded a bit woo woo for you, now’s your chance to change your mind. It’s a group ritual that physically involves drinking cacao, but is a way to help people open up, access themselves and share revelations with the group. They date back to Mayan and Aztec traditions, and some swear by them. Head to the Evolve Wellness Centre to join one, or The Cacao Club for lots of listings.

Tee-total rave

Perfect for Dry January, a tee-total rave is exactly what is sounds like. You can party all day or all night – with no booze or drugs. You may find you tap into energy sources you didn’t know you gave, you’ll make sober friends, and best of all. you’ll actually remember it in the morning. Morning Gloryville is a great way to go.

Why dread January? Make it wellness, keep it fresh, and the month will fly by.

By Charlotte

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