Competitive team fitness events to enter in 2020

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Maybe it’s time to ditch the solo running shoes and bring your squad game to a whole new level as we see the rise in competitive team fitness events open up a whole new world of challenges and excitement for everyone. Time to train to compete and unleash your inner Icelandic warrior.

You’ll find events that bring together elements from some of the best workouts around, combining CrossFit, strongman, cardio circuits and more, delivering the ultimate cross-discipline event, that tests team strategy, grunt work and your strengths combined.

Hosted in locations ranging from rugby pitches, remote woodlands, railway arches, outdoor street gyms to the sandy beaches of Devon. DOSE brings you the competitive team fitness events to enter in 2020.



Turf Games has pioneered the next wave in competitive team functional fit-ness events and opened the door to athletes from all levels.

Partnering with Under Armour and BLK BOX, Turf Games events are held in Summer and Winter offering elite and everyday athletes the chance to take part as all-male, all-female or mixed teams. Expect to battle across three arena workouts hosted by some of the top fitness studios in London (Evolve 353, Farm Fitness, KXU, Gymbox and Core Collective) to test your strength, speed, agility and teamwork, to progress to the finals. Live DJs, Fresh Fit-ness Food and an on-site sports massage team will help athletes fuel and re-cover in between workouts.

Turf Games also hosts an annual ‘Fittest in the City’ individual event to crown the top male or female athletes. New events have launched in Los Angeles, Sydney and Dubai. This Summer’s event is set to be the UK’s biggest ever functional fitness competition with over 1700 everyday and elite athletes, including the second annual corporate charity cup. Anyone looking to get involved can join one of many training days held throughout the year to meet the growing community.




Since launching in 2017, Battle Cancer has grown in popularity as one of the first non-profit team fitness events raising funds for international cancer charities and local hospices. Powered by WIT and NOCCO, Battle Cancer’s mission is to raise awareness of cancer charities’ work and bring those affected together to ‘battle cancer’ with pride.

Partnering with WIT and Nocco, Battle Cancer is open to athletes of all abilities without any heavy lifts or advanced gymnastics in all-male, all-female or mixed team entry. Events are popping up throughout the year in cities across the world including Dublin, San Diego, Boston, Berlin, and London, as well as at sanctioned CrossFit events including Filthy 150, the Norwegian CrossFit Championships and Wodapalooza.




National Fitness Games is a team-based fitness competition that challenges athletes to take on workouts across four pillars of fitness: endurance, power, speed and strength. The event takes place in a world-class venue with prizes to be won for the winning teams. The workouts have been created by elite athletes and respected coaches and the event is open to athletes of all abilities and team categories include all-male, all-female or mixed teams. Events are hosted throughout the year in Birmingham, Guildford and Loughborough University and its first individual competition will be launched at London Olympia in Spring 2020.




Plant Based Games brings a whole new fitness challenge to the vegan and non-vegan communities, hosted by the Active Vegans network. Its mission is to inspire a new generation of vegans to push boundaries in fitness levels whilst taking a more ethical and environmentally sustainable approach to diet and lifestyle. Events and training days are held throughout the year and participants can register for the individual event or as a double team.




Have you got what it takes to make it all the way to qualify into the Reebok CrossFit Games? Strength In Depth (aka SiD) is one of the biggest official CrossFit Sanctioned events held in the UK. Entry to the event is through qualification via Reebok’s CrossFit Open workouts and elite individuals will be selected from the top 40 elite males and females based on SiD qualifier workout scores or wildcard invitations. 20 elite teams will be selected from SiD qualifier team scores and winners from select domestic competitions. The event takes place once a year in London. Other events include SiD Inferno for same sex pairs in London and Cardiff and SiD Origins for teams in Bath.




Set deep in the pine forests of Yorkshire, WODLand: The New Dawn is a 2-day functional fitness team competition held in Summer where you will battle it out in mixed teams across eight different workouts held throughout the weekend to earn a spot at the winner’s podium. The competition is open to everyone regardless of age and ability with scaling options are available to ensure everyone to complete to the best of their ability. The events are de-signed to not only test fitness, strength and stamina, but also teamwork, timing, and strategy. Succeed comes from teamwork.




Set with a beach festival vibe, Tribal Clash blends CrossFit, obstacle racing, adventure racing and a festival all into a two-day team event with one competition category across all abilities. Your team is your tribe. Expect some lifting, shifting, locomotion or climbing in a full-filled atmosphere designed to test your teamwork capacity. All events take place on sand and sea, so pack your sun cream and shades. Events take place throughout the year in UK, Portu-gal, South Africa, U.S. and Australia.



Born out of exclusive invite-only elite CrossFit fitness competitions, No Re-turn Comp is set to go big in early 2020. Athletes must complete a series of three qualifying workouts and submit both scores and videos of the completed workouts within a set timeframe before the top scoring 64 male and female athletes and 16 teams are selected and invited to take part in the finals event held in April in London.



If all these competitions are not enough to get the competitive juices flowing, keep your eyes peeled for many more events popping up across the globe, which will reinvent the meaning of squad training across fitness disciplines with purpose.

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