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If you’re a human with a uterus, you’re literally always at some point in your menstrual cycle. Yet period most brands are only there for you for the days when you’re actually bleeding. Ohne knows that when your hormones are out of whack, your whole life is affected. Enter ‘Yours, hormonally’, an ingestible, under-the-tongue, daily CBD supplement containing avocado and MCT. Lucy chats to Ohne founders Leah and Nikki about the launch.

What makes this product different to normal CBD drops?

Yours, hormonally is the second addition to the Ohne CBD range. When your hormones are out of whack, your whole life is affected. From confidence dips to mood swings and skin problems to stress, unbalanced hormones can have a lot of effects on you. It is specifically formulated to be a daily, ingestible CBD supplement to aid in the balance of the reproductive, sex, and stress hormones in the long-term.

It’s also worth mentioning that it’s a 1% CBD oil because research into CBD has also shown it to be biphasic – meaning that, taken in high quantities, the effects change. You know how alcohol and coffee are both stimulants until you have one too many glasses of wine or overdose on the espresso shots a little? In either scenario, you’d probably have started feeling sleepy AF, because both alcohol and caffeine are biphasic (or ‘two phase’). CBD users haven’t reported the same extreme symptoms of drinking too much booze or overdoing it on the coffee but, at high doses, CBD has been known to have sedating effects. Less is more!

What was the inspiration behind its creation?

Nikki: After being diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, my hormones went berserk. I was in my mid-twenties and suddenly had the skin problems of a very unlucky teenager, didn’t get a period for a year, and had unpredictable mood swings. CBD was a total game-changer for me. I started taking it daily and within a couple of months, my hormone levels were totally back to normal (I should specify here that ‘normal’ for me means back to how I felt before everything started going haywire!) This seemed like the industry’s best-kept secret, so I knew we just had to share it with our community.

Leah: Seeing what Nikki went through was a real lightbulb moment for us. We’re lucky to be living in a world that’s slowly taking periods more seriously and there are lots of products being developed to cater to people’s various period needs. But what about the other 25-odd days a month? We want to be there for our community even when they’re not bleeding – because they’re still experiencing their menstrual cycles, their hormones are still fluctuating, and they still deserve to know more about what the hell is happening to their body and how to manage it if they know something’s not right.

How does it balance out the effects of PMT?

Nikki: The reproductive hormones naturally fluctuate throughout the menstrual cycle, but extraneous factors and medical conditions can all have an effect on your hormone production and levels.

CBD is an adaptogen. An adaptogen is a term used to describe plants and herbs that are capable of supporting your adrenal system to balance your hormones and help manage your stress levels. They help speed up or slow down the release of stress hormones, depending on what your body needs at a given time. CBD can help maintain balanced levels of the reproductive and sex hormones throughout the entire menstrual cycle by interacting with the neurotransmitters that are responsible for hormone production.

We’ve found that, when we’re experiencing low moods, lack of motivation, and, most importantly, heightened stress right before our periods strike, CBD helps keep us balanced and super chill so we can continue to tackle our jobs and social lives head first!

Can it work for everyone?

Leah: CBD is for everyone – not just women or people with uteruses! Because it interacts with the endocannabinoid system in our bodies – and everyone’s body is different, obviously – it will likely work a little differently for each person. Because of this, the dosage will also vary from user to user. We recommend that you use about 2-3 drops when you start out and then, depending on your experience with the results, you can slowly build it up to a full dropper. It’s important to build it up gradually so you can monitor the effects it’s having on your body and not just assume that what’s worked for your friend will work for you. You might also find that it’s really amazing at helping you with your mood swings but your hormonal acne (for example) is persisting. This is because our hormones are also greatly affected by situational factors (such as stress and diet) so it’s important to be aware of what else might be contributing to your hormonal imbalances – as much as we wanna pour CBD on our entire lives it’s not able to solve *all* of our problems!

How long would you take it for before seeing the effects?

Nikki: For me, I saw results in my skin problems after taking it daily for just a few weeks – my acne completely disappeared – but the full force of the effects were felt a few months in – my unpredictable mood swings stopped and my periods (which I’ll remind you had stopped for over a year) returned.

Leah: Again, the results vary person to person, as every body is different. It’s also really important not to just start taking CBD without first being aware of how your hormones function and what situational factors can influence them. CBD is a great tool for assisting you in your self-care routine and regaining balance in your life.

How does it make you feel?

Nikki: I honestly rave about CBD to everyone. Since we came out with our first CBD oil, the period pain-fighting holy cramp (and the UK’s first pro-period CBD oil), I’ve been dying to release a hormonal CBD supplement, because it helped me so much.

Leah: My main introduction to CBD was the topical one for period pain (and sometimes other aches and pains), but once I was introduced to ingestible CBD products, I realised how helpful they can be in aiding my feelings of anxiety. The CBD can help control the release of the stress hormone, cortisol, so I always have ingestible CBD to hand to help me out in situations of high stress, or if I’m having one of those days where I’m just struggling to focus due to feelings of being overwhelmed.

By Lucy

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