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If you’re a fan of heavy metal and motorcycle gangs you’ll settle in here just fine. Run by a team of burly bearded blokes, who have never made a business decision sober, this cafe is for rebels and rockstars serving punchy coffee and healthy breakfasts. Even the bags of beans have badass names like ‘Cult of Doom’ and ‘Breakfast at Lucifers’ – a crowd pleaser with maple syrup sweetness and hints of hazelnuts.

Don’t be too alarmed by the ‘I Will Kill Again’ sign hanging next to a poster of ‘Satan’s Sadists’ – a tale of vicious bikers who go on a killing spree in the desert. This is fairly standard for Hackney…

Cult coffee aside, they also serve some delicious healthy breakfasts. Pop in for a vegan muffin or butternut squash with sage hummus, chilli cabbage relish and pomegranate seeds on sourdough.

Join their gang and pick up a hoodie with ‘Support Your Local Coffee Thug’ emblazoned across the back. Just don’t mention Harry Potter… (or Starbucks).

Why not squeeze in a pre-breakfast workout at The Refinery – a 7 minute walk away.

Address: Dark Arts Coffee Roastery Cafe, 216, 27A Ponsford St, London E9 6JU

Tube: Homerton (Overground), Hackney Central (Overground), Hackney Downs (Overground)

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