December Birthstones: Turquoise, Blue Zircon & Tanzanite | Color, Meaning & History

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Welcome to the enchanting realm of December birthstones: Turquoise, Blue Zircon, and Tanzanite. Each of these captivating gems boasts a unique shade of blue, resonating with the cold, serene month of December.

Steeped in history and brimming with meaning, these gems have won hearts across generations and cultures. Their captivating colors tell tales of old, intertwining stories and ancient beliefs.

Journey with us into the luminous world and discover the legacy and significance they proudly bear today.

Overview of December Birthstone

Attribute Turquoise Blue Zircon Tanzanite
Color Sky blue to greenish Deep blue to light blue
Symbolism Protection, healing and spiritual grounding Purity and prosperity Transformation, insight, and spiritual growth
Origins Iran, United States, Egypt Cambodia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka Tanzania
Zodiac Signs Sagittarius (for Turquoise and Tanzanite) Pisces (for Turquois) Capricorn (Blue Zicron) 
Tarot Cards & Angel Numbers Connection The High Priestess with Angel Numbers 4 The Star Tarot Card with Angel Numbers 8 and 9 The Temperance Tarot Card with Angel Numbers 11 and 3
Numerology Number-1 for new beginning and unity Number-7 for spiritual awakening and intuition Number-2 for balance and duality

Disclaimer: This table is a creative blend of astrology, numerology, and tarot, and may not align with traditional teachings of these systems.

What is the Birthstone for December?

Turquoise, Blue Zircon, and Tanzanite are the three birthstones associated with December. It’s a month highlighted by holiday celebrations, and these beautiful gemstones capture their essence perfectly. 

Every stone shines in its particular shade of blue, signifying the calm and chilly vibes of the month. Dive into this article to uncover these gems’ stories, meanings, and history.

December Birthstone Color

As winter settles in, December’s birthstone colors shine bright. These colors are inspired by clear ice and tales of past ages. They capture the month’s calm energy, marking the close of one year and hinting at new beginnings ahead.

Outlined below are the December birthstones’ colors:

  • Turquoise: It can be described as a “sky-blue to greenish-blue gem.”
  • Blue Zircon: This might be termed a “vibrant deep-blue stone.”
  • Tanzanite: It can be characterized as a “violet-blue to blue-violet crystal.”

First Birthstone for December: Turquoise

Welcome to the enchanting world of the first December birthstone: Turquoise. With its rich blue hue, this gem doesn’t just add sparkle to jewelry; it carries tales as ancient as times.

Drenched in history and cherished by cultures worldwide, Turquoise holds a special place in the hearts of December babies. Dive into its mesmerizing story and discover the magic that makes Turquoise treasured.

Source: iStock photo. Turquoise Birthstone
Source: iStock photo. Turquoise Birthstone

The Meaning and History of Turquoise Birthstone

Turquoise, a captivating blue gem, hails from ancient civilizations. Egyptians mined it over 6,000 years ago. This vibrant stone remains a symbol of protection and luck, adorning jewelry worldwide.

Across eras, from ancient kings to tribal shamans, this birthstone has left its mark. This stone has touched royalty and the spiritual world, telling stories of trade and culture from one corner of the world to another.

Where is Turquoise Found?

Turquoise, a gemstone deeply rooted in history, has been adored across various civilizations. Countries like Iran, Egypt, China, and the United States boast rich deposits and have contributed to its past.

These countries have shaped and shared the stories of this primary December birthstone, celebrating its beauty and significance.

How to Buy Turquoise Jewelry?

Picking the right Turquoise jewelry is about spotting its unique traits and appreciating fine craft. It’s all about knowing the gem’s true colors and craftsmanship.

Listed below are a few tips on how to buy this jewelry:

  • Color Depth: Look for rich, consistent hues.
  •  Matrix Patterns: The stone should display elegant web-like designs that capture the eye.
  •  Source Authenticity: Confirm its origin before purchasing with a certificate.
  •  Craftsmanship: Ensure quality setting and finish.
  •  Natural vs. Treated: Prioritize untreated stones for authenticity.

Turquoise Care and Cleaning

Turquoise, with its captivating hues, requires special care to maintain its natural beauty. While its charm is undeniable, the gemstone is relatively soft and can get damaged.

Furthermore, store this birthstone properlyclean it gently without harsh chemicals, and protect it from extended sunlight to preserve its brilliant shine.

Second Birthstone for December: Blue Zircon

Blue Zircon stands out as December’s second birthstone, shining with the depth and brightness of a winter sky. For ages, this gem has charmed enthusiasts with its bright hue.

Source: iStock photo. Blue Zircon Birthstone
Source: iStock photo. Blue Zircon Birthstone

The Meaning and History of Blue Zircon Birthstone

Blue Zircon, once called the “star stone,” has ancient roots. Traders from Asia introduced it to European countries, where medieval priests wore it for spiritual protection.

Across centuries, this gem has been a symbol of strength and prosperity shining bright in historical tales. It sparkles like calm waters, symbolizing stability and clarity. It’s valued for its potential to enhance prosperity and remove negative energy.

Where is Blue Zircon Found?

Blue Zircon is found in CambodiaMyanmarSri LankaVietnam, and Thailand. This gem has won the hearts of traders and royals alike.

Untouched stones from distant mines transform into elegant jewelry pieces and showcase the rich heritage of their regions.

How to Buy Blue Zircon Jewelry?

Picking the perfect Blue Zircon jewelry can be a thrilling yet challenging task. Knowing its natural sparkle and the range of shades is key. Mentioned below are a few tips to follow while purchasing this birthstone:

  • Natural vs. Synthetic: Always opt for natural stone for true brilliance.
  • Clarity Matters: Look for clear gems; they showcase the best sparkle.
  • Color Depth: Deep blue hues often signify top quality.
  • Examine the Cut: Well-cut Zircons shine brighter.
  • Complementary Setting: The jewelry’s design should highlight the Zircon’s features.

Blue Zircon Care and Cleaning

Blue Zircon is a gemstone that genuinely symbolizes the beauty of nature. Proper care and cleaning will ensure it continues to shine for ages. Here are a few tips to follow for maintenance:

  • Be Gentle: Use a soft, damp cloth to wipe away dirt or grime.
  •  Stay Away from Chemicals: Keep the gemstone away from strong chemicals or acids.
  •  Store Smartly: Store it in a padded box to prevent scratches.
  •  Regular Checkups: Remember to check for loose settings or damage regularly.
  •  Professional Help: Regular deep cleaning and maintenance is necessary.

Third Birthstone for December: Tanzanite

Step into December’s mesmerizing embrace with its third birthstone: Tanzanite. This gem sparkles with hues of blue and purple.

Born from the depths of Africa, Tanzanite carries tales as vibrant as its color. This stone is deeply connected to those born in December.

Source: iStock photo. Tanzanite Birthstone
Source: iStock photo. Tanzanite Birthstone

The Meaning and History of Tanzanite Birthstone

Tanzanite is a special December birthstone with a cool backstory. A Masai man found it near Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, in 1967. Since then, this gem has been introduced to the world.

It represents clear thoughts and significant changes, like moving into a new year. The stone feels like winter magic with its dreamy blue-purple color.

Where is Tanzanite Found?

Tanzanite’s tale is as unique as its color. Nestled at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, this gem has a singular origin.

Unlike other stones found in multiple locations around the globe, this gemstone’s magic is exclusive to this specific region of Tanzania, mainly in the Merelani Hills.

This exclusivity adds to its significance and value. The Merelani Hills don’t just gift us this gem; they also offer a story of rarity and beauty.

How to Buy Tanzanite Jewelry?

Tanzanite jewelry shines best when chosen with care. Consider factors like its color, clarity, weight, and cut. It’s essential to match the metal to the gem’s blue-violet tones and pick a style that suits the wearer’s personality.

Many value the stone’s origin and prefer mined gems that protect nature. Setting a budget and choosing jewelers with solid feedback ensures that every Tanzanite piece is a treasured addition to the collection.

Tanzanite Care and Cleaning

Preserving the timeless beauty of Blue Zircon jewelry involves following essential care and cleaning steps. Start gently cleaning the precious pieces with a soft, damp cloth to remove dirt.

Caution is necessary to protect this gemstone from harsh chemicals, ensuring it retains its brilliance. When not worn, store the cherished jewelry in a padded box to prevent scratches and keep it shining.

Regularly inspect the jewelry for loose settings or damage. For thorough care and deep cleaning, seek the expertise of specialized jewelers who maintain the luster and charm of this blue December birthstone.


December welcomes a month filled with festivities and reflection, introducing three unique birthstones: Turquoise, Blue Zircon, and Tanzanite.

Turquoise, an ancient gem, carries the essence of wisdom and protectionBlue Zircon’s vivid blue-violet shades sparkle like the season’s magicTanzanite, a more recent find, holds the enchantment of Mount Kilimanjaro’s foothills.

So, embrace the enchantment of these December birthstones, carrying their unique charm and significance for those born in this particular month. Their timeless beauty will adorn the wearer’s life with luckprosperity, and a touch of heavenly amazement.

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