Detox hair with a healthy hair bundle from Living Proof worth over £300


We have teamed up with Living Proof – the cult haircare brand powered by science – to offer you a healthy hair bundle worth over £300.

The lucky winner will receive the following from Living Proof’s Perfect hair Day (PhD) collection:

2 x Detox Shampoo
1 x Jumbo Shampoo
1 x Jumbo Conditioner
5 x Award Winning Dry Shampoo
1 x 5 in 1 styling cream
1 x Nightcap
1 x Body builder Hairspray

Detox your hair in 2020. These products contain no heavy silicones or stiff resins – just patent technology that is lightweight, touchable, and repels style-destroying humidity and dirt. Wash your hair less often with products that repel dirt and oil so your hair stays cleaner longer. Less washing, less styling, and more time spent on things – like sleeping!

For your chance to win, simply choose the correct answer:


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Terms & Conditions

The winner will be announced on 20 February 2020

Main image: Living Proof Instagram


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