Dr Shahaney on Boosting Energy & Libido With A Thriva Test

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Next on the DOSE podcast, we welcome Dr Sumera Shahaney, Head of Clinical Operations at Thriva. A service that allows you take your health into your own hands with home blood tests that give you health insights, support, and GP advice. From boosting energy levels to libido, sleep to fitness performance, tune in hear all the ways that a home Thriva test can help you take control of your health. Receive 20% off all women’s health packages with code ‘DOSE20’ at the checkout. Buy now

What is a Thriva test?

Thriva helps you to understand what is really going on inside your body with finger prick blood tests you take at home. Their main aim is to help you live healthier for longer. With regular health checks, we can understand what’s happening inside our bodies, the impact our lifestyles are having, and what we can do to feel our best. Whether your goal is to have more energy, sleep better, improve your fitness or manage weight – there’s a Thriva test that can help.

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Thriva test for women's heath

A Thriva Test for Women’s Health

Thriva can help with a range of women’s health issues such as; PCOS, fertility, recovery after birth and general insights into hormone balance. Combined with a GP report and advice on how to improve your results, you’ll have the support you need to take control of your hormonal health.

Discussing the growing popularity of Thriva’s Women’s health blood test packages, Dr Shahaney says:  “Women are wanting to be more empowered and in control of their own bodies. Historically there’s been very little research done into these key milestones in women’s lives.

If you have a baseline understanding of your health before you get pregnant – you know what your vitamin levels are, your vitamin D, B12, folate and you can ensure that post birth you get back to those levels”.

Testing For Low Sex Drive

Oestrogen is still seen as the main driver of a women’s sex drive but recent research suggests that testosterone levels in women are very important too.

“Testosterone is so important for sex drive in both men and women” explains Dr Sumera Shahaney. “There are ways of increasing testosterone naturally by increasing dietary consumption of things like wholegrain foods, nuts, seeds, lean protein, a range of vegetables, things like beans and legumes. Exercise, resistance and HIIT training can also help increase your levels. Stress can have a huge impact on libido and sex drive and on testosterone.

Adequate consumption of Vitamin D can have an impact on testosterone levels and sleep is really important as well. There are also other women’s hormones like oestradiol – if we’re talking about women specifically. Low oestradiol can cause a decreased sex drive in women. You can consider eating phytoestrogen containing food in things like tofu, flax seeds, sesame seeds to boost these levels.

Dr Shahaney mentions that a lot of breastfeeding mums come to her saying that their sex drive is not what it was. “This is due to the hormone fluctuations going on post birth – as well as stress and lack of sleep”, she says.

This podcast is sponsored by Thriva. Smart finger-prick blood tests you take at home that help you understand what’s really going on inside your body. Receive 20% off all women’s health packages with code ‘DOSE20’ at the checkout. Buy now

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